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The purpose of this book is to provide trainers, educators, and teachers with physical metaphors using common objects. There is plenty of space provided for you to write your ideas and turn thisĀ 196-page book into a reference source for your personal situation.
Also included is a CD containing 96 colored pictures of the objects in the book for your use.
Good communication skills play a huge role in the recruitment process and job applicants who have weak skills are decidedly at a disadvantage. Contact Linda now to set up your free 30 minute no obligation introductory coaching session.

But what exactly are communication skills and how can you perfect yours well enough to get you your dream job? It is full of errors, and the candidate was not asked to come for the interview because his email was so badly written. During training your point will be remembered longer by using objects as an anchoring prop or theme.
My goal is to ignite your creativity so you take the material presented and find a way to use it in your training. Ultimately, I want to give you confidence so when you train your points will be remembered.

An HR manager at a leading BPO said in an interview, 'Ninety per cent of people who apply for positions where they need to interact with people, either over the phone or in person, are turned away due to poor communication skills -- mostly grammar related.' If you don't speak and write well, you will not come across as professional in today's global corporate world, no matter how qualified you are.

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