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Hobo code is an informal system of symbols invented by migrant homeless workers (or hobos) for guidance.
A circle with two parallel arrows means to get out fast, becuase hobos or suvivors are not welcome or are unsafe in the area. A wavy line or water drop above an X means that its a great place to camp and also has fresh water. In the event of a outbreak, some symbols can be used to communicate with survivors about potential water and food sources, shelters, or threats.

Useful in a outbreak for marking potential raiders and LMOES (A survivor gone mad and overly aggressive towards other survivors, as if he is destined to be the Last Man On Earth). Very useful for marking potentional dangerous areas Z infested areas and raider and bandit camps, enter at your own risk. Might be useful if the doctor is still present so he can treat your group's sick or wounded.
These sometimes include a plus sign in the middle, as shown above, to signify healthcare inside.

Very useful for just stopping for awhile to get water and rest, but keep an eye out for Z's. This could be a sign of friendly and inviting survivors, or possibly bandits posing as such.

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