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This introductory workshop is going to develop writing improvisation and work at kicking your inner critic to help increase creative flow.
Each week particular themes and topics will be explored with the prompts being  structured around different concepts like colour, fear etc.
ICCIT Professional Writing and Communication (PWC) faculty member, Robert Price, will attend the first few sessions to provide additional guidance and assist with any questions. If you cannot make it this Wednesday but are interested in this initiative, let’s get in touch. Sam is an active explorer of new media, design, advertising and culture and a "Digital Enterprise Management" student in University of Toronto Mississauga Institute of Communication. Put the most important things up front: due dates, requests for information, requests for action.
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The concept is pretty intriguing as the workshops are based on several prompts: a statement, question or word that is used to guide writing. Today, I want to share some basic but nevertheless vital ideas for writing emails that get opened, get read, and get results. Although using the recipient’s name in the subject is overdone in some circles, it is still an effective way to get their attention. Most email programs cut off the end of lengthy subjects so put the most important parts up front.
Studies show that when you give a person a reason they are more likely to comply with a request. Your recipients will also save time and be more inclined to not only read your messages but act on them. With only 5-10 minutes to complete each prompt, students must challenge themselves to shut-off their inner critic; what you compose is up to you – long or short, fiction or non-fiction – there are no rules.

This should obviously be a part of the body of your email but it’s a good idea to repeat it in your close. In a particularly lengthy message, you can always link to additional information (or offer to send it).
This may not be necessary in a short email but it can prove helpful to you and your reader in a longer message.

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