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While you are here we would appreciate it if you learned a little about what we do for the community. First of all, why is cursive given less of a priority in classrooms?  Teachers are crunched for time as they prepare for standardized tests and given the choice, many choose typing and printing over the time-consuming task of teaching cursive.  Time that used to be spent forming the loops and curves of cursive handwriting is now spent in computer labs, learning the layout of the keyboard and how to type quickly in this internet-driven information age. Most states have agreed to national curriculum standards that do not include cursive, and instead focus on typing, says Christina Hoag of the Associated Press.  California is one of the few states to include a cursive requirement. My 11 year old started middle school last week and he was asked to cosign a permission slip with me for PE (Yes, they still have that too).

Citation Bibliographic and Research Note software (for organizing notes & automatically writing MLA style references). The required format for research papers defined by the Modern Language Association (MLA) is relatively simple and straightforward. Proper MLA format for footnotes, and entries in your bibliography or "List of Works Cited". Vivian Ernst, "Political Culture," cartoon, Broad Street Daily [Waynesburg] 17 June 2002: 12.

Industry, 2002, American Memory Historical Collections for the Natl Digital Library, 7 Aug.

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