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A strikingly honest, vividly written collection of personal essays by teenage girls, this work offers a glimpse into the lives of today's MySpace generation.
Modus Operandi: The Turtles generally patrol the streets of New York training, and dealing with petty crimes when they stumble across them. Major Funding: Whatever April can provide, or what they can acquire from their misadventures. Organization al structure: While Splinter guides and mentors the Turtles, Leonardo is their de-facto leader in the field.
Generic ninja melee weapons [BODY 04, EV 04] – usually a sword, but might be a pair of kama (hand sickles), a one-metre long weighted chain, a pair of sai, a pair of butterfly swords, etc. During the struggle Splinter’s cage was smashed, and he escaped into the New York alleyways. The bowl had held a group of 4 young turtles that fell into an open manhole, and landed in the puddle of glowing liquid that the metal canister once held.
Splinter followed the 4 helpless turtles into the sewers, and after cleaning the glowing goo off of them, gathered them up into an abandoned can for their own safety.

Saki, predictably, did not arrive alone and unleashed the full force of the Foot Ninja on the 4 turtle brothers. Realizing that Saki was simply too much for any of them to fight one on one, Leonardo and his brothers attacked the Shredder as one and using group tactics eventually scored a fatal blow. With their mission a success, the Turtles returned to their underground layer and basked in Splinter’s approval.
With their need for vengeance sated, the turtles settled into a comfortable pattern or eating, training and patrolling the streets of New York.
When she regained consciousness (she had fainted at the turtles appearance), she introduced herself as April O’Neil and told the turtles (and Splinter) that the robots were Mousers designed by Baxter Stockman. The Mousers attacked the Turtles and all seemed lost until April and Donatello managed to hack Baxter’s system and remotely shut down the Mousers.
The 4 brothers fought valiantly and eventually defeated the rogue ninja assassins, but not before Michelangelo received a serious wound.
Having no resort, they put themselves into a state of suspension animation and were promptly captured by the Triceratons when they landed.

As the crowd went crazy, the turtles commandeered a nearby flying video camera and assaulted the Triceraton leadership directly, accidentally killed their Prime Leader, and freed Honeycutt. The four Turtles and Zog stealthily infiltrated the Foot’s lair, but the mad Triceraton soon initiated a full scale frontal assault against the deadly ninjas. While psychologists have tried to explain the teen girl in recent years, no book since "Ophelia Speaks" has given her the opportunity to speak for herself--until now. By continuing to use our website, you agree to our use of cookies – explained on our cookies info page.

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