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One way to tell if you are using 10 dollar words in your essay is to read your essay back to yourself as you are writing. If the essay does not flow smoothly when you are reading it to yourself, see where you can rewrite it so that it is easier to read. If you are not sure about using quotation marks and other punctuation signs when writing direct speech, don't use direct speech in your story. The CXC CSEC English A Examiners really, really do not like when exam candidates write sexually explicit stories. When your handwriting is neat and easy to understand, you are reducing the work the Examiner has to do to read your essay. Timmy love his work he always reaches there early in the morning and say Good morning to the the security guard. These are some really good tips for answering the short story question on the CXC English exam paper. Principal gives me letter for parents carry home sealed envelope fearfully parents not at home when i get there go to bed before they arrive.

CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. We received lots of fabulous pirate comic strip stories for the Write your own story book competition. The Usborne Write your own story book is full of inspiring ideas for writing stories, with pages to write them in too.
Story ideas include time-travel fantasies, action adventures, animal stories, fairy tales, whodunnits and comic strips. If you don't believe me, check out the CXC best short stories, each one is about an event that happens in a few minutes. You don't want the Examiner slowing down his reading to try to figure out what you want to say.
If you find yourself stumbling over words, change the ones that you are stumbling over for easier words. One day Timmy's boss call him into his office and say he was removing him of his position but Timmy was confuse because he did not know what he did wrong so Timmy ask his boss what has he done and he said you have worked too hard and so i am promoting you to work even smarter than harder.

There are attractive, themed pages on which to write the stories so the book can become a treasury of stories by the young writer. You already know much of the story because you have lived it yourself or you know someone who has.
Take a few minutes at the end of the exam to clean up the essay and make sure it reads well (sounds good to your ear). Woke up early in the morning saw my parents discussing in the dining room i said goodmorning Mama and Papa? In that one sentence I not only talked about the road but I also related it to the character's feelings and future.

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