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The first thing to come to terms with as a song writer is to admit that you’re not going to re-invent the wheel…at least not instantly. Thinking about how to write a song will only get you so far; the next step is to actually start writing.
Be honest; how many of you were surprised that we didn’t jump straight in with a basic melody or plan for your lyrics?
Your chorus will usually contain your ‘hook’; namely, the part of a song that gets stuck in your head. Your verse will obviously have its own melody, just like the chorus in your song, but your bridge is where you can try out something different or shift things completely. We could literally go on all day about how to write a great song, but hopefully the above guide has given you an idea about how to get started. Don’t you wish you could write a song that tells your own story – whether it’s about love, hardships, or finding humor in life? Another approach is to forget about all that theory and just play chords that sound new and good to your ears. Bridge: The bridge is a common addition to a song that keeps the listener engaged by going into new territory. Intro and Outro: Intros and outros can be instrumentals or feature lyrics that introduce or develop the main idea of the song. By playing chords, singing over them, making multiple sections, and finally ordering these sections, you can quickly and easily write a song today!

Ask one person and they’ll point you towards the latest catchy melody in the charts as a template. Listen to the timeless melodies used by old masters and learn your craft by listening to a number of different genres; you may hate rap, but other people love it. As a songwriter, you’d be well-served by learning either the piano (or electric keyboard) or guitar, as these two instruments are genre-spanning and (relatively) easy to learn. We’ve mentioned chords, but you should also get to grips with scales and the twelve notes within Western musical notation. Write several songs a week in the same way that a narrative writer would write text; to find a good song, you’ll have to work at it. Some find beginning with poetry helpful, whilst many of the great songs have been written with literally nothing but gobbledegook lyrics in place at first.
Usually, this will be repeated as a refrain, but don’t go so overboard that you lose variety in your composition.
Your bridge can link a verse and chorus, or come near the end of a song to break up two chorus refrains. This way, you’ll gain a better idea of what’s working for you and what is falling a bit flat. When Paul McCartney originally wrote “Yesterday,” instead of saying “all my troubles seem so far away,” he sang “Scrambled eggs, oh my darling you’ve got lovely legs.” Likewise, when Stevie Wonder first wrote “Superstition,” instead of singing “writing on the wall,” he sang “wash your face and hands.” If they write lyrics this way, so can you! Another approach can be to use the pre-chorus in place of a chorus for the first half of a song.

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Ask another and they’ll scoff and insist you follow the pattern of their pet heavy metal act (as long as it contains a blistering guitar solo, of course). Learn why people get hooked on certain melodies and then you can test the patterns you find for yourself. You don’t need to splash out on a professional instrument or become an instant piano or guitar sensation; just start simple and get your basic chords cracked.
Once you’re done, start over from scratch, and remember we have a great music studio in London that’s on offer whenever you’re getting to grips with writing your latest song. One of the most common chord progressions is I, IV, V, which would be C, F, G in the key of C. As you continue to write, avoid writer’s block by doing these steps without judging yourself and your abilities. The questions and themes suggested by your title will lead towards an appropriate melody and the rest of the lyrics, so get this in place first.

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