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When I started screenwriting, the first thing I did was to read Syd Fields book, The Foundations of Screenwriting, and then I put some of the exercises to work and started building my story. I knew at some point when I wrote Fade In, that I was going to have buy one, so I looked around and found something that I felt would work for me. The program has all the goodies you’re used to, but I’m not going to bore you with all the details you already know. I hope you’re not thinking of breaking into Hollywood with some free software or something that the industry doesn’t recognize.

Do you want to spend months or years writing a great script only to be rejected because you appeared unprofessional?
Down the line, I read Story by Robert McKee and in chapter 19; he talked about writing your story first without any dialogue.
Many pro writers, directors and producer use this software, Final Draft.  I soon learned that it was considered the industry standard worldwide. If you are stuck and can’t figure out how something works Final Draft 9 includes an awesome tutorial that can guide you through the process and bingo you’re moving again and writing that Oscar winning screenplay.

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