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As hopeless romantics, we love reading fairy tales and love stories where the main characters fall in love and live happily ever after. But when real life doesn’t play out like a Nicholas Sparks novel, we’re left wishing there were a novel we could relate to! As much as we wish our love interests were perfect, realistically there is no such thing as the perfect guy or girl! But we cringe when we read cliche love lines like, “Shut up and kiss me!” When you’re writing a romantic line, think to yourself, Would a boy or girl actually say this? For example, if it’s Danielle’s birthday, don’t have Ryan surprise her with a trip to Paris. From commitment issues to jealously, make sure your characters have flaws that your readers could relate their own relationships to. Don’t feel pressured to have your main characters stay together in the end because your novel is a romance. If your characters are going to break up, make sure it is for a reason your readers will understand, such as they fight too much or distance. When you’re writing, keep things such as parents, jobs, school, friends and extra curricular activities in mind. Happily Ever After EndingsWhile some would consider me a bubbly extrovert, they would be surprised to learn that I’m not a big fan of the fairy tale ending. I will forgive problems with plot and storyline if I just have to know what happens to the characters.To make me care, the characters have to be genuine, authentic, real. In all of these genres, the moments we can take a breath—maybe even laugh a little—help us prepare for the intensity to come.
Is there such a thing as a realistic but positive story?PRACTICESpend ten minutes and write an intensely dark scene. Choose the most believable and write for an additional five minutes, bringing the light to bear.Post your scene below and take the time to share some positive comments with your fellow writers. Diane Dupree-DempseyNow me, I am a fan of happy endings – reality is highly over rated! I have also been bothered by the romcom happy-ever-after endings for the reasons you discuss.
The couple come together in the midst of the most amazing circumstances of their lives and we are suppose to believe they will just happily settle together into the mundane day-to-day routine. I think instead of happily-ever-after, those romantic endings should be promising-beginnings.

Stephanie NickelI’ve always seen my favourite endings as hopeful, but I love that, promising beginnings. I get really annoyed when a writer engineers a basically happy ending, and then feels obliged to keep on going and explain how the hero and heroine get to settle down and have six lovely kids and blah blah blah.
The family is filled with hope for the future, but that future will be filled with a whole new set of challenges. WinnieHow many times haven’t i thought after overcoming a hurdle that now I can sit back and relax. Apart from odd moments, life is just never perfect PJ ReeceI think if a story is realistic it will depict our desires as futile, and leave the protagonist in despair. What pathos in that scene you just wrote, and no happy ending in sight, but sometimes art does imitate life.
I wanted to show, because of the husband’s strength, both as the rock she would lean on and the strength of his belief in her ability to get through (not over) this terrible time, she would indeed get through.
These thoughts tumbled away as I heard a hiss ahead of me, to the left, and footsteps ended as suddenly as I had been ripped from the Earth.
My Night Walker vision kicked in, and light gravitated, coalescing around the form of the intruder. The large, wolven body was a dark, lustrous brown, her wings folded back against her appeared to be splattered moonlight, in stark contrast with the dark that framed it. I caught the gleam of the long, ebony strip of scales that ran down her spine, and it was enough. The Night Walker’s head snapped in my direction, and the ninja plan went out the window. Now that she had seen me, her eyes would focus, and all pretenses of surreptitious escape was lost. I sunk to the ground, probably looking like I had the worlds worst case of IBS as I tried desperately to Change, my mind swirling with images of my natural form. Finally, pain lanced through my bones, my muscles, my mind, and I broke apart, bones shifting and cracking and reforming me into a beast. Stephanie NickelI’m too impatient to write detailed descriptions, but you painted a clear picture of the second Night Walker. And getting inside the mind of a NW, realizing there is a downside was something mere mortals like myself could relate to.
I found myself holding my breath so I wouldn’t alert the other Night Walker!You have painted quite a clear picture with your words and I really wanted to know more about what was going on.

But, rather, an emotional pain that ran through Joe’s heart with each movement that he made. He meant everything to Joe, his happy innocent face as they played with a football or just rolled around on the floor.Up again.
Without that, what was the point?Joe reached the halfway point, where there was a landing for the elderly or infirm to catch their breath before continuing. Halfway along, another flight led down to the central platform island, on one side of which ran the express trains. It would be over in an instant.He lingered at the top, looking through the windows in the direction from which his nemesis would come.
Bit by bit we see and understand and then the man in uniform changes everything.And now there is hope.
I actually gave up after 5 unproductive minutes of gazing sightlessly at the computer screen ?? Winnie“I baptise you Stephen James Kincaid.” The priest solemnly intoned the words as he poured water on the forehead of the baby being dangled precariously over the baptismal font. All round her in the nave of the church the older family members and guests cooed and sighed quietly.
Weddings were for the mothers, tearfully committing the offspring they’d nurtured so carefully to somebody else’s safekeeping.
Today was that occasion when the wheel had come full circle and the union had produced bundles of joy which grandmothers could once more press to their bosoms. Over the years in the constant battle of wills between mother and daughter hadn’t she seen it so many times not to recognise it? Worse still, how could she not tell him someone else was the father of the little boy who bore his name and would be the heir to his family fortune? Connie had put more than just a nasty spin on what should have been a crowning moment in Moira’s life.
All the time James stood beside her with an expression that said ‘That’s my little boy.’ Just like any father, as if he and he alone had.
She’d been so relieved after Justin, the bad twin, had been forced to leave after yet another scandal she’d completely forgotten about his whereabouts. You can also get the free newsletter here.Start Writing Again Today!Join over 350,000 people who have said NO to procrastination and also receive a free copy of the eBook, 14 Prompts.

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