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Headlines should brief and to the point; think of it as a super compact version of what you want to say. Make sure you answer the following questions when writing the main body of the press release ,in order to make sure that you are telling a complete and compelling story. Once you have established this you can then go on to fill the story out with information on people, products etc.
Your instinct maybe to use this opportunity to sell sell sell, but that’s not what the journalist will be looking for. Don’t forget to include your company, your project and your name, so the journalist knows who they are writing about! If you have any pictures to illustrate your article include them too, it can help paint a picture in the journalist's mind and may even be included in the paper for even more publicity. You never know when your press release will inspire a journalist to seek out the whole story. Make sure you include the text of the press release in the email, and also add the release and all other relevant material as an attachment.
It’s important to not only capitalize on this opportunity but also to write a great summary that attracts attention, clicks, and visits.
Finally, remember that the summary is just that, a recap of the information in your press release. One of the most important elements to building a PR strategy is feeling empathy for reporters.
If you decide to write a press release, the first step is to determine what your story will be.
When crafting a story for your announcement, remember that the story has to be worthy of discussion. Because there are only so many press worthy stories that a company will have, it is important to plan for each appropriately, starting with the company launch.
With company launches, entrepreneurs often avoid reporters, first launching the product and making improvements for several months. In this company launch scenario the appropriate step is to have a soft launch of the business, making the announcement to select individuals. By approaching the launch in this manner, the product is tested and the company optimizes its chances for press. Press releases are different from articles because their goal is to provide information that reporters can draw upon and rewrite.
At larger media publications, reporters can get into trouble for writing articles that are too similar to the press releases they receive. At VentureBeat, the editors did not like to include standard company logos in articles, and it often took time to find images that would work with the article.

The Beginner’s Guide to PR is an in depth tutorial on how to receive professional quality PR. Think about timings – allow the press time to cover it, think about their deadlines, and make sure you give everyone time to see your news.
It is used by a range of businesses, organisations and individuals to announce the beginning of a campaign, to highlight an important event or to attract attention. Most journalists are very busy and wont have time to do in-depth research into your announcement, so it's important that you provide them with comprehensive, accurate information and links to relevant research. This both expands the headline and provides more information for the reader which can then be expanded on.
Remember that the more newsworthy you make your press release the greater the chance you have of getting it picked up by a journalist. While writing your press release always keep in mind that it's not a sales pitch but a story. You must include contact details so that if they want to find out more information they can!
Skipping this opportunity may mean missing out and reducing the effectiveness of your press release.
If you’re using a press release distribution service, then it may very well be the difference maker.
Once you grasp how the average publication finds ideas for articles, you can more effectively connect with the media. Although this is understandable, by the time the entrepreneurs contact journalists, the company is not “new” – it has been around for several months. Press releases are not meant to be read by the general public, and in fact to many they are uncomfortable to read. The founder and company name have been changed, and the numbers in parenthesis correspond with the directly following Press Release Format section. The numbers below, which correspond to the above example of a press release, outline standards that should be adhered to.
In the line directly following the title, include one line to explain why the announcement is meaningful. The second to last section should be an About portion, providing a background of the company.
The last section should include the contact information, including name, email, and phone number.
For this reason, I recommend companies include several images in their press kits, and to not only include an image of a standard logo, but also of an alternative logo. It's particularly important to help you spread the word about your crowdfunding project to the widest possible audience.

Ensure your headline is written in a larger font size than the rest of the article and highlighted in bold. The first paragraph should be 2-4 sentences long and should sum up the entire press release.
Add in links to all relevant social media and include both a Tweet and Facebook status update about your news story that the journalist can use. A good summary can be the information that attracts attention, motivates shares, drives traffic and increases sales. Although reporters do find story ideas through research, personal connections, and niche websites, a high percentage of story ideas come from press releases. The press releases that get the greatest traction are either explicitly tied to a current trend or timed so they are part of a larger conversation that is taking place. When comfortable with the product, a strong launch would occur, with the creation and distribution of a press release.
Reporters know that the press release they receive is also sent to dozens of other reporters. This should explain why the announcement is important and, if it is a company launch, how the business is different from its competition. Would you take a different approach to writing a press release if your were just looking for a thought leader to send out a tweet? The simplest way to create a headline is to extract the key words from your article and construct them into a logical statement. Don’t worry about using large words or being too formal, journalists are writing for the masses so keep it friendly and light.
Would you still provide as much information in the press kit or would you structure the press kit differently? Using key words early makes it simpler for the journalist to figure out what the story is about without having to delve deep into the article. It may be easier for you to tweak your headline after you have finished writing the main body of the release. As you write your summary, you’ll be able to make sure you’re covering the same material that you’ve addressed in your release.

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