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I often find myself bringing up Jim Collins’ book Good to Great when hanging out with good friends. So before I dig into 7 of the main principles over the next few weeks, I want to set the stage. On some of these topics I have a lot to say and others, meh, I just don’t get excited about. For those who will follow this discussion for the next few weeks, I really urge you to make connections.
My wife makes fun of me, promising to buy a handful of paperback copies, getting me to write my personal testimony of the book on the title page, and then I can give them away to friends because I’m such a believer.

The point is, these ideas and principles have ultimately changed the way I make decisions and look at the way I do things.
While the book focuses on an academic study of businesses, I find the conclusions the study presents are not only applicable to the world of business or economics. What was it that made certain companies beat their successful competitors by a significant margin?
I’ve found them to be a part of the greater whole of sound principles upon which I can and have based many decisions. As a result, Collins wrote the book Good to Great and has a number of great examples to present with his results.

In other words, I made connections between these ideas and other fields in my life to include marriage, my career, fatherhood, music, religion, politics, and academia.

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