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Often when people try to describe a plot as a single sequences of events, they simply describe the overall throughline (since that is often the most obvious). Neither approach is right or wrong if it makes sense to you on an emotional level.Incidentally, feel free to watch Moore's video on the W-plot. Time Management Jun 09, 16 08:23 PMHello, Glen, In September last year, I finished the first draft of my novel (and thanks to your Novel Planning workbook).
In life coach training and NLP Practitioner we spend a lot of time teaching students powerful questions to enhance the coaching work, and fix what is broken, versus fixing what isn’t broken.
Global NLP trainer Chris Ramey, who provides life coach training in Los Angeles, San Diego, Miami and Amsterdam, gave this gem of questioning to me. Ever noticed how powerful it is to infuse a little bit of NLP meta model questioning in other questions that we really should ask ourselves continuously? Indeed for the NLP Practitioner in here you have noticed what happens when you combine NLP to enhance life coach training questions.
How Do You Turn from a Negative Thinker Into A Positive Thinker With Neuro-Linguistic Programming?
Making an outline will really help you organize your thoughts and help you figure out what you need to make happen in the story so that another thing can happen later on.

Contact us!Have any questions, comments, suggestions, or anything else that you want to talk to us about? For this reason, the fact that it makes more sense to describe the middle as two separate acts escapes Aristotle and most people ever since (until Dramatica).
However, sometimes signposts from the other throughlines are so glaring that they cannot be ignored, so the theorist or writer will insert them as additional or minor turning points in the structure. You’ve made the commitment necessary to writing your novel, you have a bunch of ideas, but you don’t know how you’re going to throw all of your ideas together into your novel. That way you’ll be able to focus more on the ideas that you think are most important, and readers will become more interested with the idea that you’re trying to get across.
If you want some practice doing this, or want to see how it should sort of be done, try picking out the main ideas from each chapter of one of your favorite books.
Obviously, it depends on the type and target age group of a book, but the shortest chapters I read in YA books take about 10-15 minutes. Moore does this when she suggests there is often an additional epiphany or crisis towards the end of the last sequence (her Act 3, my Act 4).
This helped him to become better, as a goal in a sense, to be a better person, to take better care of himself, as well as bringing his life coach training skills up to another level.

Of course, you can, and should, add a whole bunch of other different details and events in your chapter, but try to keep it centered around one or two ideas.
I suspect she is referring to the fourth signpost in the main character's throughline, or one of the other throughlines (she does say it depends on the genre).
There are countless ways to do this, and each presents their own benefits, but the way I would recommend most is a chapter-by-chapter outline.
I agree that they should take that about a half hour to read at minimum for teen books, though.
What an outline will do for you is provide you with a running-notepad in which you can jot down any ideas and where about you think they should happen in your novel. Chapter length should be up to you, but just remember that you shouldn’t have too many chapters unless you are writing an extremely long book. A chapter should, at minimum, take you between 10 and 15 minutes to read, if you’re an average reader.

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