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The Modern Language Association or "MLA" is a professional organization that represents scholars, professors and graduate students in the general field of the Humanities (English, Comparative Literature, Modern Languages, etc). In the MLA style, works that are being cited must have a brief parenthetical reference to the source directly in the text of the paper. If you're putting the citation at the end of a sentence, it should always be placed before the period.
Naked Lunch has been described as a perfect example of Post-Modern literature (Bernard 25-26). Post-Modern literature has been described as a reaction to Modernism (Williams and Blake 78).
Modernism's decline coincided with World War II and the rise of Post-Modernism (Smith 45, Walsh 122).

The Works Cited List (as its name suggests) is basically a list of all of the works that you have cited in your text. All citations should be double-spaced (if necessary), although there should be no spaces in between citations. If one of the entries is longer than one line, the second line should have a hanging indent. Please remember that using others' images on the web without their permission is not very nice.
Mla format, Formatting a paper in mla style (this page has been checked against the seventh edition of the mla handbook, published in the summer of 2009.).
Also see Mahalo's guides for how to cite in APA format and how to cite in Chicago manual of style format.

The MLA publishes a style manual that provides guidelines on the proper citation methods for research papers in this field.
This serves to identify the source of an idea or statement as well as point them to the Works Cited List where they can find more detailed information on that source.
The author's last name and the pages of the text you are referencing are usually sufficient.
Readers of your work can refer to this list when looking to get further information on the sources you have used.

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