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Filter: All types Articles Slideshows Videos Sort: Most relevant Most popular Most recent No articles available No slideshows available No videos available How to Grow Cactus Indoors How to arrange tile patterns How to Hang a Ceiling Shelf Homemade Headboard With Lights How to Germinate Lima Bean Seeds How to Adjust the Tremolo Bridge on a Mexican Stratocaster How to Measure a King-Size Bed How to Refinish Wood Floors With Pet Stains Tools for digging post holes What Is High Alumina Cement? If you need to send a message to someone in a professional manner, one choice that you have is to use a memo template to get the job done for you. Date the memo using the specific field, so that everyone knows just when the note was written. Write your message in the specified field, including as much information as possible so that the recipient knows what is going on. Be sure to take advantage of the space provided to write down just what this note is in regard to. What do you do if you are the manager of an advertising company, and you are experiencing a lack of moral in both graphic arts and copy writing departments? Both the Company Memo Template and the Interoffice Memo Template are designed in Word by Dotxes team according to their about us page as we are not associated with Dotxes in any way, and are compatible with versions starting from 2007 and ending in 2013.
Some projects or special endeavor will require a different approach, where items are paid for with vouchers or through some other means. A debit memo, such as the template available at the website listed below, is similar to a credit memo. The debit memo, much like the credit memo, allows a company to track of what is being spent. The debit memo is a tool that tells you how much money you are spending before you make the payment. Proper documentation of transactions such as purchases, payments, and exchanges are essential for any business operating in today’s economy. If running a business, the credit memo will indicate what someone is paying you for the purchase of items or performance of services.
In addition, the credit memo template allows the inclusion of information about the company.
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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. This template comes in bold colors and is meant to be used for more than just professional services. Well, the first thing you may do, is to quickly write an interoffice memo to the human resources department, detailing the issue and requesting any ideas on how to resolve the problem.
With downloadable templates, you have the ability to format your memo to suit your particular needs, with regards to memo title, memo date, and company name, address and contact information. That process works well for the individual who goes to the grocery or department store and gets an itemized list of items purchased. Using the debit memo, especially internally within a business, will allow the retirement party, for example, to stay in budget. In some applications, the debit memo will show how much is being subtracted from the previously allocated amount of funds. However, it provides for a different way of managing funds and is especially useful if multiple persons are making purchases for a particular event.
The credit memo is a template is available to download from the website listed below at no charge. Thus, the customer will have a detailed accounting of what was spent on each item, how many items he purchased, the required sales tax and the total cost.
These additions can include name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and other items. However, often a person wants just to examine what a project cost him regarding materials, and this sheet of paper can make that very simple.
For example, if one person from your client's office calls or sends you an e-mail asking you to make a change to the plan, write a memo to file in case another party later questions your actions.
Also note the body of Company Memo Template offers a large enough area with which to compose your ideas, and do so in great detail. Also, it is good to remember, that each of these nicely designed templates are free to download by the user.
However, it is necessary when making the purchases for food, decorations, entertainment and other items to report those transactions to the bookkeeper or accountant. It can be a useful tool that may remove some of the confusion people have about debits and credits.
However, with a credit memo template, you can list a variety of things, the quantity for each, a description, the unit price and the total.

Memos to file are imperative for legal, medical or other highly sensitive files that might later be used in court as well.
Thus, whenever you need to use your specifically formatted interoffice memo template again, it will be available to you. Company memos are similar to interoffice memos, in that they communicate a need, a decision, or changes that will be taking place. Indeed, with downloadable memo template, you have a reliable messaging system with which to convey important decisions, statements, changes, that are company wide. Professionally designed downloadable templates are created with the business person in mind. The main importance of an interoffice memo is to communicate quickly and efficiently an issue that affects the business, and requires the immediate attention of the departments involved. This memo template also has fields where you can enter your company name and address, as well as other contact information such as your email or FAX number. However, a Company Memo is one that is sent throughout the entire company, and not just between departments in an office area.
We choose final design based on ease of formatting and implementation by the business person. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow.
All in all,  memo sample by Dotxes offers you an efficient way to sent communications within your business. The Company Memo makes sure that each manager of every department, from accounts to warehouse, are aware of the changes detailed in the body of the memo.
After all, time is money, and templates offer an excellent way to take care of those communication needs without the hassle of the business designing their own from scratch. Nick went to the University of Toledo and double majored in Marketing and Professional sales. He graduated 2 years ago and is now working on his MBA to enhance his resume to gain more credibility in the work place. He started out as a janitor then moved his way up the ladder to where he is now he will be taking over the company that has been in his family for over thirty years. His dad is the President of the company, but he didn’t give Nick any special treatment since he made him start at the bottom of the ladder to get the employees respect. In order for him to get a raise his dad made him do a PowerPoint that consisted of thirty slides and present it at the company’s picnic and employees voted on if he got a raise. Nick has a lot of responsibility that he is entitled to as head of sales for a company of this size. He does all the hiring for his department because the more money his workers bring to the company the more money Nick brings in also. The President of Pinnacle leaves this decision up to him because he knows that Nick will get the best salesman for the job since it benefits him directly. His main job is contacting people and other companies to buy their products because they need to have jobs lined up for them to do. He says he does a lot of business to business sales meaning that he would contact another company and ask if they want circuit bored or any product for their business. They also do a lot of business to consumer sales meaning that he would sell medical training gear to consumers. They mainly do Business to Business sales and the main way they get the sales is by going to medical conventions and putting up a stand and trying to sell their product to company owners that walk by. He graduated from the University of Toledo in 1979 with a degree in business management he also played football for Toledo and started for two years. Growing up he was a part of a family with 12 brothers and only one sister in a small 4 bedroom house. They didn’t have a lot of money but Rick said that is was what gave him the drive in life to make his own company and do good for his family so they never have to worry about money. He started Pinnacle up as a company thirty years ago and never thought it would get this big.
He has spent countless hours at work being the first person in and the last person to leave because he says he needs to be there longer than everyone because everyone counts on him.
He had too many job responsibilities that he couldn’t name them off on top of his head so he just gave me a couple. His biggest job is making sure that the company is always in the black, making a profit, and not in the red and the company losing money. Wasserman said the hardest thing to do as a company owner is to lay off someone because they didn’t do a good enough job for them to stay on the work force.

Another job is to over look everyone and make sure they are doing the job that he hired them to do.
He said he trusts everyone and the last thing that he wants to do is stand over their shoulder and annoy them and make them perform badly.
The way to get them to do their job without the President standing over their shoulder is by giving them incentives. He does this by giving them extra money, Fridays off, or a gift from the company if the company hits the numbers that he expects them to get. His vision changed a lot throughout the years because of the advantage in technology and the desire and need for equipment that they produce. They have approximately 12 different products that they sell to hospitals and colleges to help train nurses, doctors, and any other medical professionals.
The technology that they use for the training simulators takes the person that is being trained in to a situation that is as real as possible so they know what to do when the real situation comes in to play.
Pinnacle’s competitors do not put the students in a realistic situation and an example is how their heart rate simulator is recording on the computer, but Pinnacle takes a real live person with the disorder so they truly know what it sounds like and what to expect. This is where the company got its start, but with Pinnacle producing they’re product ahead of time.
Another company would come to Pinnacle with a product that they want and they would give it to their engineers to figure out a way to make it and produce it in the cheapest and fastest way possible still maintaining the Pinnacle quality that they are known for. There are 63 Pinnacle employees that are employed at the time of the interviews, but they said they are moving their location to a building that is about twice the size of the building that they are in now. Over the last four years they have had a 53% increase in business and plan on hiring another 30 employees by the fall of next year.
With the economy being in a recession Pinnacle has taken this to their advantage by investing better in stock since price haas dropped so much it was a perfect time to buy.
Another advantage they have is that there is always going to be a need for medical equipment and people that lost their jobs are going back to college increasing the amount of people that need to use the medical equipment.
Pinnacle is in the private sector since they do not have a board of directors or offer any stock options for employees or for anyone who would like to invest in the company, The reason why they do not want to go public is Rick Wasserman feels that the board of directors would worry about making money instead of the quality and how he pays and treats his employees.
Rick Wasserman has the final say on anything that goes on in the company that he started from ground up. If he went public he would only have majority of stock so he would have a big say what goes on, but there are ways that the board can over take him and buy him out. With Rick Wasserman I learned that in order to make it in business you have to be fearless and take a chance even when people think that you will fail or not make it. I really didn’t think that it would be that hard to run a company of that size, I thought it was just going to be sitting there looking good and signing papers while everyone else does the work for him. I was really wrong when I came to that he was the hardest worker there because everyone looked up to him and this is his dream.
There is always someone competing against you for the same sale and wanting the same thing you want but whoever is better and offers the better deal will get the sale. They had many similarities like wanting to work and make a different in the company because every person in the company is affected by them and they have a lot on their shoulders.
They both treated everyone as equal and not talking down on the people that are below them because they knew that they were just as important as they are to the company. They didn’t have very many things that were different about them other than a couple of things like Nick specialized in on field and Rick has a broad aspect of everything. Another difference that I noticed is that Nick is very hungry to move up the ladder and Rick is happy with the company and where he is at with his life.
When I first walked in the Pinnacle I was over taken by how nice people were and how nice they kept everything. Nick took me on a tour of the building that took a half hour because it was so big and so many items to talk about. When walking around I got a really good vibe from all the employees they where listing to music with a smile on their face. All the work employees that were not in a office had jeans and a pinnacle shirt on that was like a light under armor cloth that breathed and helped them from not sweating.
After the tour I talked to Nick which took about forty five minutes and then I went to talk to the President and he talked to me for about an hour which I thought was going to be a lot shorter.
Rick talked to me about many things from the history of the company, where the company is going, and about what I plan on doing with my life.

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