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Give the letter to someone you trust and ask them to drop it in the mail to you at some point in the next year (without telling you when they do it). As with most things in the Universe, It will show up at the perfect time and probably on a day you could really use some appreciation and acknowledgment. After my hysterectomy at 65 still looking 45 I met the great love of my life because I generated who I am. It means they don’t have to trek through your self-loathing, self-doubt or self-criticism to find your heart.
And when that letter surprises you in the coming year, the discomfort of doing this will be a vague memory.

Anna offers a complimentary 30-minute Get Acquainted Call to anyone who’d like to learn more about working with her. And if you’re not in a love relationship, well, it’s hard to give Valentine’s Day anything more than an eye-roll.
Self-love is an amazing gift and you really can’t love other people fully until you love yourself. She helps women who are struggling with symptoms of perimenopause and menopause find natural hormone balancing solutions so they can rock their mojo through midlife and beyond. Take some time, put some conscious and generous thoughts and feelings into it and allow yourself to boldly express your love for yourself.

Her clients would tell you that her real gift is helping them reclaim parts of themselves they thought were gone forever.

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