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Your pet is family, stay updated on health issues, symptoms, food recalls, emergencies, lost pet, CPR and grooming. Many millions of people fail to write a Last Will and this can result in the inheritance going to the wrong people. For under a fiver, AutoWill is a very cheap alternative to the traditional formats of writing a Will, and with over 2000 downloads, it's proving popular too. AutoWill was created for the convenience of those who don't always get around to doing the laborious tasks in life that are sometimes put at the bottom of the priority list, if on the list at all.
Considering only 7% of people die before the age of 50, it is understandable that so many neglect this important task. Failure to write Last Will and Testament can also cause family chaos as family relatives are left fighting for what they believe to be their rightful inheritance.
Power reports that over 2000 AutoWill apps have been downloaded from the iTunes App store so far, signifying the popularity of this method of Will Writing.
The value and convenience gets even better because the app also allows you to create multiple Wills enabling you to produce documents for friends and family too.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. When a person dies without a will, his or her assets might not go where he or she intended. Although it is often preferable to consult with a local estate-planning attorney who understands the language and legalities surrounding a will, it is also possible to write a will yourself. This article is intended as general information about what is typically covered in a standard will.

This can be avoided by writing a Last Will which can be done on an iPhone in a matter of minutes.
It's cheaper than a couple of glasses of wine and it can be completed incredibly quickly. This innovative app enables people to write, store and edit their Last Will and Testament free after an initial purchase of the app from iTunes.
It can be forgotten for many reasons including oversight, inconvenience, not getting around to it, and cost. For under a fiver, AutoWill is also a very cheap alternative to the traditional formats of writing a Will, but it’s the convenience that is the real benefit.
Firstly, having the app on a mobile device makes it incredibly convenient to update a Last Will whenever the users wants. AutoWill generates the Last Will and Testament, a letter to each of the Executors and an information sheet detailing important information that the Executors will need to know including the user's bank, solicitors details and doctors name and address. There is also a tutorial video to demonstrate how to input all your details in AutoWill, although it is unlikely to be required given the intuitive input. A will is not an easy subject to broach, but it is important to have documents in place to ease the burden for family members. There are forms that can be purchased from office-supply stores, or a will can be prepared online by answering questions and then generating a form to print.
Therefore, learn the legalities before preparing a will so you will have a document that holds up in a court of law and can be executed to your desires.
If the children are minors, at this point you can also specify your wishes with regards to their guardianship.

At this point you also may want to spell out where you would like to be buried and any specific requests with regard to the funeral, viewing, and any other funeral-related details. In the case where no Last Will is written, one’s estate can be given to the wrong beneficiaries, and in many circumstances, the estate is taken by the government. Writing a Last Will means you get to choose who gets what," says developer, Steve Power.
Whenever life presents a need to change the will, just update the parts of the will that need changing. For parents who die before their children are grown, a will can also serve as a legal document indicating a plan for custody of the kids. Prior to implementing any of these tips, consult with an attorney certified in estate planning. Furthermore, after purchasing the App for one of several Apple mobile devices, it’ll work on all of them, although syncing between the two is not an option.
Handwritten wills are called holographic wills and may not be recognized unless written during an emergency situation, such as a fatal illness. Should these people not survive you, you can establish an alternate or list nothing, in which case the assets will be put back into the general pot.

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