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July 9, 2012 By Bethan John - Decorator's Notebook 3 Comments Remember the sentiment of this Pinterest A-Z post? I’ve always enjoyed messing around with my handwriting… adding my own little loops and twirls to the regulation joined-up writing we were taught at school was about as rebellious as I got during my early years!
Mary Kate McDevitt lives in Portland, Oregon and mixes creating prints and cards for her Etsy shop with commissions for magazines, shops, restaurants and designing posters for events. There are lots more examples of Mary Kate’s illustrations on her website and a selection of designs are for sale here on Etsy. Send me news and offers from the Decorator's Notebook shop Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This blog is the place to discover the very best in fair trade, ethical and sustainable design happening worldwide, right now. Decorator's Notebook is our online shop selling beautiful handmade homewares with ethical origins.
Growing up, my mother was strict about very few things, but she insisted on thank you notes.

Consider this your modern guide to the (hand)written word with templates, suggested occasions, and stationary advice for writing the perfect thank you note.
If even for just one moment, it's about taking time to be quiet, attentive, and absent of the hum and buzz and beep of technology.
Enjoy the scritchy scratch of pen on paper as your thoughts flow into your pen and express themselves in your uniquely-you handwriting. Last week I came across this appropriate print by Mary Kate McDevitt and have really enjoyed browsing her work. Our collection is sourced from life-changing fair trade organisations around the world to help you find more unique pieces for your home. She’d provide the stationary and the stamps, and I’d duly jot down my gratitude for birthday presents and invitations. You never know where an informational interview might land you, and spending the extra five minutes to send a note (or even flowers) might be the difference between extinguished communication and substantial career help. One of my mentors once told me that she gave a job to her assistant because the assistant had sent handwritten thank you notes immediately after the interview.

This should go without saying, if someone spends the thoughtful time and money on you, the least you can do is spend a Forever Stamp to tell them how touched you were. My mother’s other rule was “Never show up to someone’s house empty-handed,” but if you made a mad dash to dinner and forgot a hostess gift, a thoughtful note after the fact can make up for your oversight. Have fun with it, and then go mail that note so that it doesn't languish under a pile of bills.
Her lesson stuck, and ever since, I’ve always intuitively reached for a pen and ink when I want to express my gratitude. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an enormous fan of more practical forms of online communication, but there are still several occasions where only a handwritten note will do.

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