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October 11, 2015 by Mason Reed Leave a Comment Whenever I get a real bad case of overwhelm, feeling like I need an outlet, or something good happens that I know I want to remember for years, I like to write it out in my journal. I’ve kept paper and pen journals for years and I’ve found the art of writing as self-expression very therapeutic. A first important key about how to write a diary is to get a blank notebook that you can write in easily.
Switch off the PC, hang up the phone, switch your mobile to silent, lock the door, switch off your TV.
During a writing session, simply write whatever comes to mind, without censoring yourself or thinking anything through too much.
I find writing really helpful for keeping my mind focused on what I really want, which is a sort of good habit to increase productivity and creativity. If any critical voices come into your head telling you how silly certain things are or how wrong it is to write this way, or anything like that, either ignore them or tell them to go away. The key idea here is to get whatever is in your head out and onto the paper you’re writing on.
The trick is to have a secure, private space where you know you can write anything and everything you want, and when you know that consciously and unconsciously, your mind is more willing to let go and express itself freely. After you finish writing, be prepared to have gained new insight and clarity into the stuff you wrote about! Join our newsletter!Join over 4.200 visitors who are receiving our newsletter and become a FREE premium member. Filed Under: Personal Development, Self Improvement About Mason ReedMason Reed is an engineer, a writer, a life coach and a dreamer. With Remembrance Sunday approaching and people throughout the Commonwealth wearing red poppies, this is a time to remember the brave soldiers who fought for our freedoms in the world wars and other conflicts. Now a diary, written by a British soldier, Sapper John T French, a tin miner from Redruth, Corwall, gives an insight into life in the trenches between 1915 and 1917.
It details how the British and German trenches were so close that the opposing sides were able to call temporary truces and hurl friendly banter at each other across No Man's Land. In one incident, a British soldier stood above the parapet to shout: 'Come on over, Fritz' in a comedy German accent. The three volumes were discovered among the possessions of Mr French's sister Emily following her recent death at the age of 99.
The diary also describes the horror of the trenches, such as removing 'piles of men' killed in action and 'shifting and ducking' bullets which scream 'like ten thousand devils on the loose'.

With shells screaming overhead and German snipers only 75 yards away, just staying alive was a remarkable achievement.
Yet huddled in the mud-filled trenches, Sapper John T French found the time to compile a remarkable diary. Its pencil-written pages, in immaculate copperplate, give an astonishing insight into life on the front line between 1915 and 1917. It details how the opposing trenches were sometimes so close that the two sides would call a temporary truce to exchange friendly insults across No Man's Land.
In one 'rather curious' incident, a British soldier stood above the parapet to shout: 'Come on over, Fritz' in a comedy German accent. Both sides then put their heads above the trench for half an hour to 'laugh and shout' at each other before 'heads went down and the war went on the same as usual'. They describe the horror of the trenches, such as removing 'piles of men' killed in action and 'shifting and ducking' bullets which scream 'like ten thousand devils on the loose'. On Christmas Eve 1914, an amazing thing happened between the British and German armies near Armentieres, France.
British and German troops met each other in No Man's Lands, exchanging handshakes, cigarettes and showing each other their photos of their wives and girlfriends. The two sides then played each other in a football match in sub-zero temperatures in No Man's Land. The Germans won 3-2 and the truce gradually came to an end in the same way it had begun - by mutual consent.
But Mr French, a tin miner from Redruth in Cornwall, also writes about the enticing smell of frying bacon, the relief of a good 'sing song', and discovering watercress growing in a stream which 'went all right with bread and cheese'. The sapper, who was awarded the Military Medal and the Military Cross for conspicuous bravery, even says the war is 'rather exciting' because 'you never know what's coming next'.
He was sent to France in 1915 as a member of the 254th Tunnelling Company of the Royal Engineers.
He spends his days and nights 'up to my knees in water' digging trenches just 75 yards away from Germans who throw a hail of bombs and grenades which 'go hizzing' around his head. The men are forced to work in whispers as their tunnels weave between those of the Germans and they flee when chemical weapons descend like 'thick yellow fog'. Enemy snipers, including one particular 'smart and hot' shooter, regularly kill his comrades. Mr French describes the 'awful mess' of limbs sticking out of the ground and times when he is called to dig out men who have been trapped in mud and collapsed trenches.

Three days after the 'come on over, Fritz' incident, he writes: 'Up in orders today that any German looking over the parapet is to be shot and any man found talking to them is to be placed under arrest. Shell hit me full in the left side, ripped through my tunic but was stopped by my thick leather belt. Escaped with nothing worse than a bruise.' Yesterday his niece Wendy Dawe, of Illogan, near Redruth, said his journals make her 'immensely proud'. Also nostalgic as I read back on all the good things that happened in my life I had forgotten about, and even funny reading about the problems I used to think were the end of the world, but turned out to be just another one of those things after all. There are a few keys I’ve found over the years that help make the writing session a more fruitful one. Preferably not one where the pages will fall out, where there may be losses of pieces of sheet. You can pause for a few seconds, but don’t stop, go off and do something else and come back. When you get into flow in this way you’ll be surprised at some of the thoughts that come out of your head into your pen.
I’ve found that no matter how differently you might feel about it consciously, unconsciously a part of you is always aware that a blog is on the public domain, even if no-one ever comes to visit, or you’re writing under a pen-name or you think no-one can find it.
That’s the magic of taking jumbled thoughts in your mind and ordering them into a form outside of your head.
Interested in learning new things and teaching people how to learn new things, he is specialised in personal development, meditation, mind skills and life suggestions. Remember, the soldiers were only following orders and had nothing personal against each other (on Christmas Eve 1914, the British and German armies even called a truce and played each other in a football match which, needles to say, the Germans won).
Although he was wounded in action, he survived the war, but developed TB and died in 1929 aged 37.
He was a keen runner and before joining the Army was pictured winning a half-marathon - for which he was awarded a trophy worth five guineas. The main reason is that you want to keep these thoughts in one central place, where you can find them easily and not lose them.

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