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Directed by Robert Bresson the trial of Joan of Arc is a fascinating perspective of the show trial of, Joanne d’Arc, the patron saint of France. We see Jeanne portrayed not as a romanticised Saint, but as a real person, aware of a very specific mission, but on the other hand aware she also displays a genuine humility. Under intense pressure, by the stake, after weeks of solitude and being deprived of any material or spiritual comfort, Jeanne did retract her actions, signing a confession.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Whilst not excusing his actions, we do get to understand his mindset which lead him to such a course of action. But this relapse did prove temporary, and after 1 night, she retracted her previous confession and was burned at the stake.
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It seems Bishop Chaucon sincerely felt he had a divine duty to save the immortal Soul of Jeanne d’Arc.

It is testament to her extraordinary capacity to inspire others that 500 years after her death, the life of Joan d’Arc has created and ever growing compilation of studies, films and novels. Super-stylish and available in a variety of colors, these pens write on black and white paper for extra fun! Bresson adds nothing to complicate or distract from the essence of this extraordinary trial. Throughout the film the powerful academics and church hierarchy endeavour to make Jeanne d’Arc submit to the will of the Church. Bresson leaves it to the power of the words and the austere setting to create a thought provoking and very realistic account of this fascinating trial. We feel it is a realistic portrayal of her final moments, unspoilt by the imagination of the directors and artists. The simplicity and power of the film comes from Robert Bresson’s decision to remain as faithful as possible to the exact transcript of the trial. From these extracts, and her later rehabilitation trial 25 years after her death, Bresson is able to deliver a realistic and compelling insight into the final moments and inner thoughts of Jeanne d’Arc. When watching a great actor, he feels that, sometimes we struggle to separate the actor from the character.

Bresson felt by using non professional actors it would help them to get at the heart of the character, unencumbered by previous roles.
In this film, Florence Delay, who provides a performance of great dignity and intensity, played the lead character of Jeanne D’arc. Florence manages to capture Jeanne’s quixotic mix of gentleness, spirituality and, on occasions, a forceful insolence to the questioning of her interrogators. The performance gives a revealing insight into the intrepid, and resolute character of Jeanne.
Yet despite her bravery and courage, the trial was obviously a severely testing time; she has no counsel or sympathisers. The simple black and white shots of her room, chains and interrogators give an unsentimental portrayal of her darkest hours.

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