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This site provides a summary of rules for using the APA documentation style, originally written by Kim Mitchell, an instructor in the nursing program. Some of the more commonly used rules and reference formats from the APA manual are listed here. Two spaces are left after periods or question marks at the end of sentences before starting the next sentence. One space follows all internal punctuation in reference lists including periods after author initials, for example, Jones, K. Bullets and numbered lists can be used in the APA style format in select circumstances and for limited portions of a scholarly paper. Hitting the control key and the enter key at the same time will create an automatic page break, which is a more efficient option than hitting return to get to the next page. The title page example below shows the minimum requirements for a title page in APA format. When headings are used in academic papers, it is important to use styles consistent with APA formats. Copying sections of material from sources using proper referencing, but not including quotation marks when quoted directly. Handing in assignments in one course that has been submitted and graded previously in another course. The Red River College Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities(2) has a section on academic integrity with information that all students should read and follow. Many departments and programs at the college have their own guidelines regarding academic integrity and penalties for academic dishonesty, and students should inquire about the regulations and penalties specific to their programs. For many college level assignments, students will have to use a number of research sources and combine the information from them into a fluent academic paper. Instructors often ask students to use a variety of sources to research for writing assignments. Does the paper use multiple sources in a balanced way rather than focusing on one primary source? Papers are well-synthesized when the number of citations from each of their sources is evenly distributed throughout the paper.
Do the students paraphrase more and rely less on using direct quotations from their sources? Do the students go deeper into the topic than what is discussed in class? The research done on the topic demonstrates that students made an effort to find out more than the bare minimum to get the assignment done.
This adage points out the structure for the content of the paper: the introduction, body and conclusion. The main purpose of the introduction is to give readers a clear sense of the content and direction of the paper.
Include a writing plan giving the main points being covered to enable readers to follow the line of thinking and analysis of the topic – it should not just be a list of the headings of the paper. The title of your paper will act as the heading to the introductory paragraph at the top of the page following the title page. Unlike the introduction, APA format calls for the heading Conclusion before the concluding paragraph.
When writing an academic paper, getting the content written in a rough draft is the most first important step.
Below are 10 common errors students make when writing papers followed by some suggestions on how to correct them.
The green underlines that MS Word produces may indicate a sentence error that needs correction. Reading the paper out loud or having someone read it and listening to see if the sentences contain complete thoughts may indicate where there is a fragmented sentence. If a sentence contains too many conjunctions such as and, or, but, because, although, however, etc., it would be better to break it down into shorter sentences and make the meaning clearer. Using simple, familiar language rather than using vocabulary that is overly formal or stuffy. Redundancy and repetitiveness - two sentences that say the same thing or repeating information in different parts of the paper is repetitious and unnecessary. College students will need to learn to paraphrase successfully when writing academic papers. Myth #2 - It is OK to quote a source directly and not put page numbers or quotation marks so long as I cite the author and year of publication.
You can’t just put something you heard in class into your paper without referencing it. Myth #4 - If I use a thesaurus to find words of similar meaning and change a few words from the original source, then I have paraphrased properly.
Below are examples of situations that may arise when writing a paper and solutions for citing in these circumstances. Students can use these terms in their papers, often without putting quotation marks around the original words, but they must still include a citation and reference for the source.

If in doubt as to whether to cite or not, students should include a citation and reference. Learning how to cite correctly in the body of the paper can be a challenging task for students. Using the author(s) name(s) in the sentence to introduce an idea followed by the year of publication in parentheses – eg. Putting the author(s) name(s) in parentheses at the end of the sentence along with the year – eg. When information from a research source, such as another author’s research, is used in a paper students are currently writing, it is considered a secondary source. In some situations students may have two or more sources that give the same research findings or same ideas. Occasionally, students may want to quote from a source directly rather than put the idea in their own words.
Defining terms, since often the best way to write a definition is to state it directly as written in the source. Passages where it is essential that the original meaning is maintained such as when referring to a statute from a government document or to a rule given in a manual or handbook. Honoring eloquence when the original words are so powerful or impressive that they may not be paraphrased adequately. If paragraphs are not numbered, but if the document is broken up by headings, count paragraphs under the heading and include the heading and paragraph number in the citation. If you cite a journal article and if there is more than one author, your reference list should list them in the order they appear on the article. If a source has no author identified, then the title of the work will move to the author position prior to the date of publication.
Publishing Information refers to journal article volume, issue, and page numbers (if you cite a journal article); book publishers and publishing cities (if you cite a book). If you retrieve a journal article from an electronic source, retrieval information will be included in the reference list entry. If you retrieve the information from a website, supply the direct URL for the web page being viewed and cited at the end of the reference list entry.
Tables are numbered consecutively in the order they are discussed in your paper and require a heading that is flush left and italicized (see above, Table 1 for heading example). Please also note that many tables and figures have their own source printed below the table (as this example does). Figures are inserted into your paper after the reference list, appendices, and tables and numbered consecutively according to when they are discussed in your paper. Every effort has been made to keep the contents of this document accurate, but there have been some alterations to the format. However, this web page is no substitute for the 440 page manual itself, which should be purchased by college or university students who use the APA format regularly. Students should check with their instructor to see if it is appropriate for the assignment. In addition to the italicizing needed in the reference list, other places where italicizing is used is when titles of books, movies, websites, or journals (but not articles titles) are written in the body of the paper.
Although there are five different levels, usually the first three levels are most appropriate for undergraduates. Nursing students can get this information by reading the document on nursing academic honesty from that department at APA Referencing quick summary. How students synthesize information from outside sources is what makes papers the students’ own individual work. Are important or necessary ideas on the assignment topic used rather than less-important ones? As sources are researched, good supporting details should stand out, compared to other parts that seem less powerful. All academic papers should include an introduction and conclusion to familiarize the reader with the organization of the paper. Revising the paper after completing the rough draft is the next important stage of the writing process and can make the difference between getting a C and a higher grade.
An academic paper will have three or more main points, but each main point may be divided into subtopics, each of which requires a new paragraph.
Academic papers should be written in the third person unless the assignment calls for the writer to discuss a personal opinion or experience.
It’s recommended that you find a source that backs up the facts, demonstrating that you have done proper research.
If a whole paragraph in the paper is based on information from one source, the author’s name is cited at the beginning of the paragraph and again at the end.
If information in one paragraph comes from different sources, a citation is needed for each individual idea that is taken from these sources.

Terminology specific to some courses, such as nursing or the technologies, cannot always be altered in a paraphrase. Students must make a distinction between their own source, which is the primary sources, and the secondary source.
Some alternative ways of directing the reader to the exact location of the quote are given below. If a particular page or article of a web page is authored by a human author and this is clearly identified, then this author will take priority over the organization.
It is no longer required to include a date of retrieval for journals or periodical items or websites.
If a DOI is available for the article you are including, it will be used in place of all other formats for providing retrieval information regardless of where you obtained the article. If no DOI is available, wherever possible use the direct URL web link for the article you are referencing. For password protected databases use the name of the specific database in the retrieval information location. The majority of tables that you may use in your papers and assignments will likely be cut and paste from other sources. Any diagrams that are not presented in table format are called figures (graphs, pictures, photographs, drawings etc.).
The APA manual can be found in almost any college bookstore, in many large, general-purpose bookstores in the reference and style guide section, or on the Internet in an electronic version.
It is still required that the bulleted or numbered lists be referenced if needed, which may mean placing a citation after each bulleted or numbered point. Various factors play a part in how students can be good writers of their papers depending on how they present their ideas.
Picking and choosing appropriate backup material reflects the students’ personal viewpoint on the topic. Good revisions require a few read-throughs, and reading out loud can be the best indicator of where errors in grammar, sentence structure, and clarity have been made.
A paragraph should start with a topic sentence to introduce the main idea, and all of the information in the paragraph should relate to that topic. Reading the paper out loud will help find where the natural pauses occur, which often indicates that a comma should be inserted. Reading the paper out loud will help the writer to detect when the verbs seem to be inconsistently used. If two sentences in a row are expressing a single idea and both come from the same source, there is only one citation needed – after the second sentence. When incorporating these details into their papers, students should write in their own style and use them in a context relevant to their topic.
The information that you need to include is Author(s)’ Name(s), Dates of Sources, Title of Document, Publishing Information,Retrieval Information. DOI’s can be found on the first page of the article, at the end of the article prior to the reference list, or it is only located on the database abstract information page. For example the table above might be described in the body of your paper as follows: Boys have higher rates of obesity than girls and, generally obesity rates are higher by direct measurement versus self-report (Sheilds, 2004).
Similar to tables, if they are cut and paste from another source they need a reference and a page number (as shown above, Figure 1).
Finally, it is not necessary to put two citations from the same source in one sentence – one at the beginning or one at the end is sufficient.
Please always be suspect of the credibility of a source with no clearly stated date of publication.
Use this method of identifying your electronically located journal article whenever it is available. Retrieved from CINAHL with Full Text database, Academic Search Premier database, Nursing Reference Centre database.
Tables you design as part of your assignment may or may not need a reference depending on the source.
They need to be discussed in the body of the text of your paper, and numbered consecutively in the order they are discussed.
For example the above table could be discussed in the body of your paper as follows: Obesity rates amongst children ages 2 to 17 are highest in Newfoundland and Lowest in Alberta (see Figure 1, Sheilds, 2004).
If you are presenting data in a table that you have summarized from another source (but was not in a table in that other source) then a reference will be required but a page number may not be needed.

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