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Mixed Martial Arts Fighter and boxer Kevin Ferguson aka Kimbo Slice has sadly passed away on Monday June 6th 2016. Former Power Ranger actor Johnny Young Bosch has posted a promo poster that will feature all of the power ranger actors confirmed to be in the film seen below.
In the poster, it features Austin st john, Walter Jones, David Yost, Johnny Yong Bosch, Steve Cardenas, Karan Ashley and David Felding and Paul Schrier from Mighty Morphin, Blake Foster and Nakia Burrise from Turbo, Jason Faunt, Erin Cahill, and Daniel Southworth from timeforce and Asim Rizk from Megaforce. Akira Himekawa the duo artist behind the Legend of Zelda Mangas have teased some pictures of the upcoming title for Twilight Princess. Also, we should look forward to this years E3 for a preview of the upcoming Legend of Zelda title scheduled to be released for the Wii U and the NX somewhere in 2017. The NX version of the new Zelda title is suspected to be more superior than the wii u version and as the for the wii u itself it will continue production Until 2018. Nintendo has announced that the new Legend of Zelda for both the wii u and the new NX scheduled to be released in march 2017. The big question is will the new title use motion controls like twilight princess for the wii and skyward sword? Bruce Wayne will once again reclaim his mantle as Batman in this weeks issue of Batman # 50. Is everyone excited that Bruce Wayne is back as Batman or you would rather have Jim Gordon continue the mantle of the Dark Knight instead?
J Jonah Jameson Becomes The New Commissioner Gordon In The Live Action Justice League Movie. JK Simmons who was known for the role of J Jonah Jameson in the Original Spider-man Trilogy has been confirmed to play Commissioner Gordon in the upcoming Justice League movie set to be released next year.
It has  been many years since we've gotten a Legend of Zelda manga and this will be the first title since the release of the previous title, which was Phantom Hourglass. So far the manga for Twilight Princess is only scheduled to be released this year in Japan.
But in the mean time you should catch up on the previous Zelda mangas such as Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, A Link To The Past, etc. In 2015, it has been a huge lost for us, because we had lost many people in the entertainment industry and the ones we held dear to us. Known for the role of Spock on the original Star Trek TV show and the voice of Galvatron in the first Transformers movie in mid 1980s. The former President of Nintendo who has brought many great games to america like pokemon and super smash bros. It is rumored that Tom Welling who is known for his role of Clark Kent AKA superman on the hit show smallville. If you watched the hottest shows on TV like the Flash, Arrow, Big Bang Theory, or Blind Spot or movies like the Christopher Nolan's batman trilogy, Man Of Steel, Avengers etc.
Now the question is which of the 2 games that came out this month would you buy with these gift cards that are worth $50 with? Yvonne Craig who well known for the role of Batgirl in the 1960's Batman was announced dead on Monday. In Captain America Civil War it will feature all the members of the Avengers and the appearances of Spider-man and Ant-man. So which one of these iconic transformation will we see Wonder Woman use on the big screen? Mark Hamill AKA Luke Skywalker has reportedly reprise his role as the Joker for DC's next animated feature The Killing Joke. Since Mark Hamill will be returning as the Joker, the next question is will Kevin Conroy reprise his role as Batman for the animated feature?
We all grew up watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in the early 90s and became huge fans ever since. But now Saban is planning to have a new movie which is a reboot of the franchise with new generation of actors portraying the characters we all grew up watching when we were little. Will the new actors live up to their predecessors of the original show or will they destroy the franchise? What would be cool if they can combine the boomerang with the bomb to make boomerang bombs. In the recent street fighters V, Capcom revealed Necalli a character that is a grappler and striker that uses an animal like fighting style.
After his first loss in the UFC he was released from organization and decided to pursue a career in professional boxing, but later return to the MMA world with a contract with Bellator.
But as there are no official plot details released, it’s anyone’s guess if these SWAT soldiers end up morphing into rainbow spandex.
Johnson is a busy filmmaker herself — her new movieThe Space Between is coming soon — while Frank is a regular on the geek convention circuit.

Wayne has been out of the picture out of the picture as the Dark Knight for a while, leaving Jim Gordon to take over the role instead. The first news was the theatrical version of the movie will be rated PG 13, but when it gets released on DVD it will get an R rated extended version.
Jenna Malone's mystery role in the theatrical version will be scrapped and will be releases in the extended version on DVD, which probably disappointed a lot of fans. It is odd because he already played an idiotic news publisher who always accuses everyone's favorite wall crawler Spider-man of crimes he didn't commit and now he plays a police commissioner who turns to the Caped Crusader for clues.
The legend of Zelda Twilight Princess is the next Zelda title to be made into a manga by artists Akira Himekawa.
Before it comes to an end tonight we should look back and say goodbye to them and move forward to 2016. Attending Playstation Experience In San Francisco: While attending playstation experience this year in San Francisco I heard some really cool announcements. Earning My First Rank Jeet Kune Do: Since mid summer I've been practicing my Jeet Kune Do the best as I could. But, what would've been great was to see Inuyasha and his older brother Sesshomaru have one last battle with each other using their signature swords the Tetsusaiga and The Bakusaiga. If he chooses to reprise the role, can he still do it or should another young actor take up the role instead?
You're in luck because you can use the knowledge of those shows and movies in the past or recently to gain points to get gift cards to get the stuff you want and keep your hard earned money in your pocket.
It features me and my 2 little cousins Travis and Trent with Jason David Frank AKA Tommy Oliver from the Power Ranger Universe.
He graduated high school this year and I like to congratulate and dedicate this photo to him. Because over the years San Francisco has long history of deaths and the theater itself was one of the areas that probably experienced many. Superman was referenced through out the game hinting a possibility of a solo superman game in the future.
There have been many variation of the bombs, such as bombs, bomb arrows, water bombs and bomb chus. When he portrayed Damon he was good and plus he has the face and the physique for the character. As mentioned in a previous blog many are expecting it to be former Ranger Jason David Frank AKA Tommy Oliver. Taken place before the final battle between Devilman and Satan and the 00 cyborgs and black ghost. Which looks like the biggoron sword from Ocarina of Time and is more powerful than the master sword in strength. Many are speculating that she is Barbara Gordon AKA Batgirl or Carrie Kelly AKA the new Robin from the Dark Knight returns.
It's going to be a big transition for him because he is going from goofy publisher to police commissioner, just like Ben Affleck going from Dare Devil to Batman and Jason Mamoa going from Conan the barbarian to Aquaman. Starting next week on Feb 8th the manga will be serialized exclusively on publisher Shogakukan's MangaOne app, according to its artist's official website. Which is capable of rivaling all of Tetsusaiga's other abilities except possibly the Meido Zangetsuha. I asked him if he would call out Steven Seagal for a fight and he replied "no Steven Seagall is too old". Which all the superheroes decided to register to work for the government and having to expose their identities to the public. Superman goes to court to take up the responsibilities for the destruction he caused while battling General Zod.
It might be disappointing for some fans because many wanted him to play a Green Lantern(Hal Jordan) or the Flash.
Instead of using her lasso, she just spins around and a blast of energy burst out and she transforms.
It is funny because Hamill mentioned that Arkham City was his last time portraying the character.
Is in talks with Saban to return to reprise his famous role for a cameo or as another character. No reason was given, but the first teaser for The Order was uploaded, featuring a behind-the-scenes shot of a SAT team operation, a hashtagged caption #theordermovie, and a tease for the next reveal on May 19. In 2006 they released the legend of zelda twilight princess for both the original wii and the gamecube.

But in a previous interview with Director Zac Snyder, Snyder confirmed that she is neither.
Upon attending we all benefited, because I got only charged for an autograph for only 20 bucks instead of 69 by Jason David Frank AKA Tommy the green ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. While Victor saw an orb flying into the head of  IGN host Max Scollville, when he was in the audience.
Over the past few weeks many speculated that he was up for the role of Trevor or a Green Lantern. The transformation was made famous by actress Lynda Carter who portrayed the character in the live action Wonder Woman TV series in the 1970s. But, he said that if they ever make a movie based on that novel, he will come out of retirement and once again take on the role as the Joker.
We've seen the combat system for batman already in the arkham games and it's great, because batman has an array of fighting styles. Ever since now we haven't had any new games coming out except street fighter X Megaman, and the recent smash bros game last year which also features the character.
The duo Artist have posted on their blog that manga is slated for a June 24th release date either in Japan or the U.S. The game was originally a game meant for the gamecube and scheduled to be released in 2005, but was pushed to 2006 have 2 versions for both consoles.
While Travis had a free autograph picture of Scott Wilson AKA Hershel from the Walking Dead. After Inuyasha proved himself as the true heir, Sesshomaru passed on the Meido Zangetsuha, a technique that opens a gate way to hell and suck in the remains of an opponent when hit from his sword the Tenseiga on to Inuyasha's Tetsusaiga, which transforms the blade black. Because rumors was circulating around that he and fellow actor Tyrese Gibson were in talks with Warner Bros for a in the DC cinematic universe. But for Superman were not so sure because his style of fighting is just throwing wild punches and charging in blindly and he's not much of a fighter. Lately we've been getting the classic megaman games be re-released for the next gen consoles and nothing new at all.
We have characters like Alex and Abel in the street fighter universe that are both strikers and grapplers.
Cyborg 009 thinks Devil-man is with black ghost and Devil-man believes that 009 is a demon fused with a machine.
I tried doing it with a straight lead but cracked my left index finger in the process while practicing and it was bleeding like crazy. So I invited him and his little brother Trent to attend wizard world con with me and Victor. Besides playing Batgirl, she was known for the role of grandma on the Nickelodeon show Olivia and many others.
They have most of the cast from Superman The Animated Series, like Tim Daly and Dana Delany etc.
Recently Capcom has mentioned that megaman is still relevant, but the question is will we see another megaman title in the future? But in turn the main villain is another demon fused with a machine and it took the combine powers of both of them to take him on. So I decided to go with a rear cross instead because it generates more power and it doesn't hurt at all.
A sword that is rightfully his, proving that he has surpassed his father and had been released of his obsession with Tetsusaiga. I finish my first year already and I'm just about 4 years away from becoming an instructor.
I told him I watched the show a little bit and that I'm behind a little bit and that I brought my little cousin out there because I missed out on his graduation and this is my way of making it up to him.
I thought I had to pay him for the photo and he told me no that was his high school graduation present.
So the way I see it Travis got the best high school graduation present out of all his friends.

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