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Jeannette Evangeline Romaniuk (nee Gaumond) was born in the French community of Shell River, Saskatchewan on November 26, 1919. This is an authobiography of a lad who grew up on a small farming community in north central Alberta. The redesign will provide users with a comprehensive and effective provincial volunteer screening program that will include screening, education, and a subsidy.The VPIC Program will reopen in summer of 2016 and we will be communicating with you as we move forward. Although it is not an historical document, events in the development of the west during that period form the stage upon which the theme of the story is embroiled and enmeshed.
The author's father, Albert Hugh Rayment homesteaded here in 1910 and spent his first winter in a tent.
He was astory teller from a very young age when his siblings pleaded with him to tell them a story.

During the program redesign, new applications or the addition of new volunteer positions to existing VOANs will not be processed. It is rather a drama of the heroic strugles and hardships a family endured during those most critical times. After serving three years in WWI he returned to the farm and brought his young bride from England a year later.
Additional details and updates will be posted to this site as we move closer to program launch date.
It is a story of incredible courage, fortitude, and unwavering tenacity when confronted by impossible situations.
It portrays in a most dramatic manner the transition from the primitive pioneer way of life in the west to the sophisticated technical standards of modern times.

Her first published works was a peom entitled "In Memory of Mother Theresa and Princess Diana" in the mid 1980's.
He taught in the vocational department for 15 years before retiring at age 63, He and Elsie moved to Vernon, British Columbia where he took up writing.
Can you imagine the task of telling the story of the thousands of volunteers making positive impact across the province?

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