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Percy Jackson is the film adaption of the first book on Rick Riordan's popular series, directed by Chris Columbus (Director of the first two Harry Potter films).
The story focuses on Percy Jackson, a struggling teenage boy he comes to discover his best friend, Grover, is a faun, and that he's the son of a god. After figuring things out, he is brought to a place called Camp Half Blood, where children of Gods grow and live until being sent on a 'QUEST'. He is sent to stay in a cabin with a boy named Luke, and meets a girl named Annabeth a long the way. He decides to venture on a quest with Grover and Annabeth, to prove himself innocent and find the true lightning theif.Percy Jackson And The Olympians The Lightning Thief was impressive to me.
The whole lead up to him finding out he was Poseidon's son was completely cut out of the movie and Camp Half Blood wasn't as important as it should have been either.
Sea of Monsters is the sequel to Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, and although the first one didn’t fare well with fans, the second one did much better. Staying closer to the book, the second movie corrected much of what was wrong with the first one, and made fans hopeful that the franchise could be salvaged. Sea of Monsters once again follows the story of Percy, and this time he sets out to prove himself for a second time. Together they try to track down the Golden Fleece, which is the only thing that will save Talia’s tree, and in turn, Camp Half-Blood.
Sea of Monsters certainly had a lot of ground to make up in terms of the story line following The Lightning Thief, and it did well with what it had. The special features of the Blu-ray definitely seem to focus on Tyson and his physical as well as emotional development. Tyson Motion Comic: See what Tyson was up to prior to his surprise entrance into Camp Half-Blood, including his time living on the streets and in the mountains.

Back to Camp Half-Blood: In this clip, we see the main actors of the movie talk about returning to set and how great all of them get along. Hypable has one copy of Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters on Blu-ray to giveaway to a lucky fan.
While Hamilton fans (especially those who have not yet seen the play) are devastated that Miranda is departing, this is the best possible news, since Javier Munoz is already familiar to audiences as Miranda’s alternate, having followed him from In the Heights. According to Vulture, Javier Munoz already fills in for Miranda for one performance a week.
As of now, Hamilton will still feature the talents of original cast members Leslie Odom Jr. Variety reports that Nicholas Sparks’ production company, which existed on the Warner Brothers studio lot in Los Angeles over the past four years, has shut its doors. That said, Sparks had several big hits including The Notebook, Message in a Bottle, and Dear John, which each made over $100 million at the box office.
We’re sure studios will consider returning to the world of Nicholas Sparks if any of his future books become major hits. In case anyone thought Indy might pull a Han Solo in the next Indiana Jones film, director Steven Spielberg is promising that won’t be the case. But if you're a die hard fan of the books, you might find yourself sitting in front of the screen in frustration.
Percy then finds out he's been accused of stealing Zeus's lightning bolt, which he obviously has nothing to do with. The chose for Grover was great, even though he didn't fit any of Grover's characteristics (He was black) which angered some fans. Hoping he’s not a one-quest-wonder, Percy joins up with Annabeth, Grover, and his newly discovered half-brother Tyson, who also happens to be a cyclops.

Although not every major point from the book made it into the film, the movie was much closer to the novel than its predecessor. This is a neat comic book feature that moves and contains the voices of the actors who play the characters in the film. This also includes many of the newcomers talking about how much fun it is working with the star, Logan Lerman. With a mix of digital and prosthetic effects, we get to see exactly how they turn Douglas Smith into the one-eyed son of Poseidon. Although he puts a different spin on the role, the fact that Munoz is already familiar to audiences (and that he is a long-time collaborator of Miranda) will likely make fans delighted to hear that he’s stepping in full-time.
The closure follows a string of box office flops, most recently The Longest Ride (2015) and The Choice (2016). I give the movie three and a half stars for it's impressive acting, but not staying very true to the book. Keeping his iconic character alive could certainly give him the option to return to the series later if he wants — which is a door that is permanently closed over in Star Wars land. Luke wants to resurrect Kronos so the Titan can bring down Olympus and all of the gods, allowing the demigods to reign supreme.

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