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Develop a rough outline, By the time you finish reading the book you will have recorded several possible themes or approaches to your objective. But a good book report will address a specific question or point of view and back up this topic with specific examples, in the form of symbols and themes. When you run into any clues, mark the page by placing the sticky note at the beginning of the relevant line. Review your notes and try to determine which view or claim you can back up with good examples (symbols).
Each paragraph should have a topic sentence and a sentence that transitions to the next paragraph. Mark everything that piques your interest, even if you don't understand their relevance. Don't forget to include the basics for every book report in your first paragraph or two. Sometimes your teacher will offer a question for you to answer as part of your assignment, which makes this step easy.

As you read and record emotional flags or signs, you will begin to see a point or a pattern.
If you have to come up with your own focal point for your paper, you may have to wait and develop the objective while reading and reflecting on the book. As you read, keep an eye out for clues that the author has provided in the form of symbolism.
If your assignment is to answer a question, you will record how symbols address that question. For instance, a spot of blood on the floor, a quick glance, a nervous habit, an impulsive action--these are worth noting. If you see a symbol reapeated several times, you should indicate this somehow on the sticky flags, for easy reference later. This may become your major book theme, so you'll want to navigate between the relevant pages easily.
If you have to come up with your own thesis, don't stress about a clear objective in the beginning.

Recording emotional flags: Emotional flags are merely points in the book that bring about emotion. For example, for an assignment for The Red Badge of Courage, the teacher might ask students to address whether they believe Henry, the main character, is a hero.
In this book, Henry sees lots of blood (emotional symbol) and death (emotional symbol) and this causes him to run away from battle at first (emotional response). In your first paragraph or two, you should include the book setting, time period, characters, and your thesis statement (objective). Re-visiting the introductory paragraph: The introductory paragraph should be the last paragraph you complete. Your point of view or argument may change completely as you re-arrange your paragraph sentences.

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