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Maybe, as some of my writer friends have suggested, putting a few thoughts together about a book feels too intimidating. A very amusing take on reviewing and reviews, Laurie; let’s face it, reviews are one of the uppermost things in nearly every author’s mind. She has been writing fiction for over twenty-five years and is the award-winning author of four novels.
We should include a review template at the back of each printed book, complete with a stamped, self-addressed envelope! I’m always cautious about doing reviews so I’m never sure if they are good reviews or not!

I did a few close-up bits that kept kids quiet on airplanes; I knew a few secrets that David Copperfield paid me not to tell. Mainly I wore a leotard and fishnets and pointed at things so no one would notice the magician furiously changing his clothes behind a screen. And on the creative way we rip off pay homage to those who’ve had some pretty darned good ideas. Much of it I’ve forgotten or have promised my lawyers I’ll never reveal until I see a few more zeroes on the offer. So here are a few templates we’ve shamelessly swiped from Mad Libs and modified to fit our evil uses borrowed to help stimulate your review building.

One trick, though, I can reliably pull off: when readers tell me they like my books and I ask them to post a few words for an Amazon review, these nice people invariably disappear.

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