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Individuals, who keep their minds engaged and stimulate it by learning new, challenging things through the course of their life, are the least gullible to developing Alzheimer’s diseases or dementia. Play board games, strategy games, puzzles etc: Games like chess, Scrabble, Chinese checkers, cards, monopoly encourage brain development. Plus it will give you insider access to my newest updates, interesting ways to connect and learn. Also we’ve learned that the more flashes you create in your brain when you learn a new word— by seeing, saying, showing, and imagining— the easier it is to memorise, retain, and recall. If, for example, you are having a hard time memorising the words for Allah is One, imagine writing it on the sky!

So exercising your brain is necessary for keeping it healthy and briefly if you don’t push it or use it, you’ll simply end up losing it. Strategy based video games in particular offer one a great mental workout and help to build your cognitive senses and improve your mental capacity. After three weeks when the cast comes off you see that his hand has become like a bone— all the flesh has shrunk. According to the latest research the left half of the brain is logical, technical, mathematical, etc.
So if you just memorise a list of Quranic words you are only using the left part of the brain.

The right side of the brain is artistic, holistic, imaginative, a synthesizer, musical, spiritual, and verbal.

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