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Iinaoeoaee, iaoiayueany a a?oiia Ainou, ia iiaoo inoaaeyou eiiiaioa?ee e aaiiie ioaeeeaoee. Reprogramming your brain is  a process that takes awhile to accomplish since in order to rewire your brain fully into something positive you need to reshape a wide variety of components in your mind.
By experiences I’m actually referring to the bad ones, you know the ones you replay in your mind on a daily basis asking yourself all the what ifs. The way I’m going to teach you how to rewire your brain is by walking you directly through the process. That is one of the ways you can reduce the feelings associated with a negative experience, now an additional note that I would like to add in here is you can do the opposite to increase your feelings for a positive experience. And lastly, another way to reduce your emotions for a tragic experience is to relive it BACKWARDS. These are the ways to reshape all those negative experiences in your brain, make sure to apply these to any distraught experience of yours so you can truly operate in a state of mind that attracts success. Therefore, in this article I’m only going to talk about one component and that is how to rewire the experiences in your mind. If you can learn to rewire these bad experiences in your mind so they don’t produce the same feelings that you are confined to right now then this ultimately has a huge effect on your chances of succeeding. When your reliving an experience you are typically reliving it through your eyes again, what dissociating means is to see your self in the experience.

If you just read through these make sure to actually apply or you just wasted time reading and not doing and that my friend is one of the main causes of why people fail in life. I’m not going to waste any of my time or your time for that matter explaining what Neuro Linguistic Programming is. Maybe this will lead to a series of more articles regarding how to rewire other aspects of your mind, but with that said, let’s get to the role of reshaping our experiences into something constructive.
The reason for this being, you can rewire every horrible experience you undergo along your path to success such as failures you encounter, obstacles, problems, people disliking you or whatever the heck you want. One that you have played over and over in your head just itching to get a second chance to go back in the past so you can change it. So instead of looking at it through your eyes, re watch the experience as a fly on the wall. Now after you have done this, replay the clip, but do it from start to finish this time and you will realize that it just isn’t the same anymore and hence your feelings for it will decline. If your unfamiliar with it, simply do a Google search and you’ll be overwhelmed with information.
This tactic is great when you feel like you are completely right, but you still lost the argument. Heck I know it sounds pretty fricken weird, but I didn’t make this shit up ha, but it works.

That can be relived by acting as a fly on the wall and analyzing yourself and you will soon realize that maybe you weren’t as convincing as you thought you were. This ones really interesting because we tend to gain greater knowledge by viewing the bigger picture, therefore we need to dissociate ourselves because other wise we cannot do this since we are apart of the picture. Therefore what this mental exercise if you can it that is going to attempt to eliminate those negative feelings associated with that experience. What I need you to do now is to play the clip of the experience over in your mind, a video of it. I recommend you try out each of these and you try them out separately in order for you to see which one has the greatest effect. It is a must you keep that video playing while your adding these certain features to it which I’m going to share with you now.

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