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ShareThe first step on how to use our brain more effectively is by learning at least a little bit about this fantastic ‘thing’ we have within our heads. Within our heads we keep this precious and incredible organ that represents just 2% of our total weight and is always switched on, never turns off, since we were born to until death no rest, even when we are sleeping. The point is every one of us has our own memories, beliefs, skills, abilities stored in these groups of neurons.
However when we do something new a group of neurons will form new groups connections creating a new network of neurons. The learning process occurs is two ways through our intellect where we have to study long and hard to master a subject or through experience and the latest is the most powerful one.
When making choices we have two ways to do so, first is the biological response that allows us to save our lives in a danger situation the famous fight or flee reaction. The second way to make choices is by using the power of your frontal lobe, the power of focus and concentration and separate ourselves from the environment and observe.

Being observers of ourselves we are using our consciousness to make our brain examine all our choices and possibilities.
These neurons work in groups and the groups interact with each other forming a huge network of information. Therefore every time we encounter a situation in our lives these groups in connection with other groups are going to fire off and make us respond in a certain way. The groups of neurons interact with other groups activating an entire network to have a response that will save our lives.
When you think about a lime, one group has the green information, another one has the round information, another has the texture information and another has the sour flavour bit and so on. If we, using the power of observation, can unplug unwanted neuron connections and plug new connections than we have the power of building an entire new network.
You can even have groups of neurons that store other information about lime connecting it with a sad or happy memory that can make you have some other emotions attached to a lime.

This is the process that the brain uses to learn and can serve us immensely but it can also make it difficulty to break unwanted connections i.e.
Observing we can realise – I have these neuron connections that fires and cause me to blame someone or something else for the unwanted results I have in my life. If we are really willing to stop any mental or physical pattern we just have to continuously interrupt the pattern until we get the neurons network to stop working together in that particular way.

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