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In this way the concept suggests that realities are a mirrored reflection of the thoughts that exist in the mind, and should be kept positive in order to achieve happiness and practically enhance the quality of life.Advocates and believers of the principal suggest by envisaging or visualising ambitions and life goals instead of current situations or realities can have significantly positive impacts on personal lives. At the same time being upset or disappointed with something only attracts more negative emotion, and magnifies even the smallest of setbacks.Source Marketing Direct’s Managing Director Hector Montalvo argues that thinking about something means inviting it in to the psyche, even unwittingly. One of the key principal’s of the law is the understanding that constantly thinking about a certain idea makes it grow bigger, and more powerful.

Hector Montalvo believes that this metaphysical principle causes one’s thoughts to exert a tangible impact on success in an entrepreneurial or business environment:“The world is full of entrepreneurs and business owners who had big ideas, dared to dream big, and now have reaped the rewards in both their business and personal life.
Montalvo believes that it’s important to channel this mind-set for success:“It is also possible to utilise the law of attraction to aid more practical business targets of attracting new clients, increasing sales and constructing new business ventures. Wanting and desiring to achieve a goal means associating it with a positive emotion, so when you think about it you only feel positive.
The firm provide productive solutions for client’s needs; resulting in clients increasing their customer base and revenues so they can stay competitive within their own market.

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