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Next, you should read "The Magic." What this book is is 28 days of "Magical practices" that help you to use the power of gratitude to manifest everything you want in your life. I say it time and time again, if you want your life to be beautiful and happy then you have to take the right steps towards that happiness.
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Yet somehow I have not written up a review about the amazing book that taught me all about this Universal Law and began my deeper manifestation journey. Gratitude is the greatest key in using the Law of Attraction, and let me tell you, this book will teach you all about gratitude and make you realize just how much we take for granted.
The practices will have you saying "thank you" for everything and bring a happiness about that you cannot imagine.

Saying "thank you" is one of the easiest and fastest ways to bring happiness into your life because it will make you realize just how much you have instead of complaining about the things you don't have that simply aren't worth your time. I certainly wonder if my life could have become better faster if I'd known about the Law of Attraction sooner, but hey, things happen at the right time for a reason. This book will make you grateful for everything, no matter what state your life is in, and help you to bring more things to be grateful for.
Now is your time to learn about the Universal Law that governs us whether we like it (you should!) or not.
Yes, I'm a positive person, but even so, I didn't realize how much gratitude I was missing out on giving and just how powerful gratitude is.
The book will do nothing for people if they don't make that choice to change their lives themselves, so thanks for the reminder!

I wanna stay in the Welsh mountains and do nothing but drink tea and read with dogs and cats! You really have to be open to a completely new frame of thought, but you will notice changes in your life once you apply the teachings.

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