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Every project begins with the first step – and it’s tough to overstate that first step’s importance. Many marketers are all too familiar with the perils of diving into a new initiative unprepared. Companies pull the trigger too early on projects for lots of reasons – they’re pressed for time, they figure the details will fall into place as they go along, they don’t understand the elements critical to the project’s success. Whatever the reason, the results can be bleak: astronomical costs, blown deadlines and squabbling team members. It may be a marketing initiative tied to a particular milestone, such as a mailer to announce a new product, or part of your overall strategy, such as a new website with updated content and features your customers have been clamoring for.

Define what you know about your audience, such as age, gender, occupation, education level, technology expertise and business needs. If it’s part of a larger initiative, what other projects does the initiative include, and how does this project fit in?
Make sure you’re giving yourself enough time to do quality work with the resources you have.
Your understanding of your audience should shape your approach — if your customers aren’t Internet-savvy, for example, avoid sending them a postcard with a QR code on it.
For example, if you’re creating a postcard and accompanying e-blast, you’ll want to make sure the look and messaging are consistent across both pieces.

Establish a team of internal and external members, if necessary, that can handle the project from start to finish and assign a leader to manage the process.
Whether you want more e-newsletter subscribers or a certain number of customers to switch to a new version of your product, setting specific benchmarks will help you define whether the project works or not.

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