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An Indiana pee wee football coach has been banned from the playing field after allegedly bullying one of his eight-year-old players on the field and writing demeaning comments about him on Facebook.The parents of the boy claimed his football coach turned nasty after they confronted him about their son being kept out of the game.
His parents demanded action from the league after the coach posted what they described as 'demeaning and degrading' comments about their son on Facebook. Mr Daniels has planned a meeting with coaches and parents to review training techniques and to remind them of the spirit the league was set up in.As well as teaching children how to play American football, the Christian Park club was set up to instill teamwork and respect in its young players. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Sitting side by side and handling the instrument gently like a baby, the couple looked so relaxed and natural you even stop realising how much concentration and coordination is required for this performance.
After the performance, the musicians revealed to Ahram Online that the task was even more difficult than the audience could imagine. Strictly speaking, the two-in-one number, which the couple claims as their own invention, has been demonstrated before by a number of artists.
In a country with no shortage of oud players -- good oud players and brilliant oud players -- one has to be really inventive to surprise the audience.
However, for Al-Youssef and Abdel-Hamid, playing on one oud is not a mere advertising point, but the tip of the iceberg for an entire lifestyle. First of all, they both believe that men and women have an equal right and ability to play the instrument. Al-Youssef's support allows the lady musician to continue with her four-hour daily practice routine, which she is used to from early childhood.

Being among the first students to graduate from Naseer Shamma’s Beit Al Oud (The House of Oud) in Cairo about 16 years ago, today the couple feels they have a legacy to carry into the future. In their own institution in New Cairo, House of Music and Arts, Abdel-Hamid prefers to teach girls. Al-Youssef experiments with pranic healing and tuning his C pitch to the frequency of 528 Hz, which he believes works directly with the heart chakra (centre of love and compassion). Yoga maintains a healthy posture, which is especially important for oud players who often suffer from lower back problems.
Both musicians attribute that achievement to regular yoga and meditation practice that they have done for the last six years together two to three times a week, and a healthy lifestyle. The obvious mastermind of the duo, senior to Abdel-Hamid in age and music by some ten years, Al-Youssef allows his wife to express herself both on stage and in the interview as a gentleman.
If music brings more peace and understanding at least to one household, it is all worth the effort. In novels by authors like Mahfouz, one reads of simple coffee shops hosting musicians and story tellers. The unnamed trainer of an Indiana youth club, set up to introduce youngsters to American football in a fun atmosphere, is said to have then posted degrading comments about their son on Facebook. Sarah said she was pleased that she raised the bullying issue with the league and told Fox 59 she hoped her experiences would encourage other parents to speak up too. Ghassan Al-Youssef kept the super hit until the very end of their programme in the Open Theatre of the Cairo Opera on 21 August.

She holds the notes on the neck of the instrument and he explores the sound with the risha (a tool that works like a pick). During the evening, they started with the classic Ya Salat el Zein and moved on through many other compositions, culminating with Biladi, Biladi, Egypt's national anthem, which concluded the concert. Playing the oud with one hand, virtuosity on a single string, turning the oud into a double bass, gathering a large orchestra of ouds - the audience has seen it all.
Girls grow up, marry, have babies, need to take care of the family and simply cannot handle both music and daily life anymore. It is our aim to build a new generation of oud players, both boys and girls," Al-Youssef explains. One of them, nine-year-old Rawan, also performed with the couple during the evening at the Opera House. I play it and feel that the audience is feeling love and happiness in their hearts," he explains. Meditation helps to clarify the mind, slow down the heartbeat and get into a relaxed state required for musical practice. Readers are asked to limit their feedback to a maximum of 1000 characters (roughly 50 words).

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