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You start small by learning to recognize these negative thoughts, both big and small, at first. Can you see how presenting yourself with evidence (or the lack thereof) is countering your negative thoughts? That’s life for you and here are some ways for you to accept your inner negativity and help resolve it.
Something bad happens to you then do you go on ahead tagging yourself as a complete failure disregarding your days in the lime light?One person messes up your life, do you go on making a pledge to yourself to NEVER trust anybody?Scold yourself to even have done it in the first place? When situations turn against you and the negativity starts seeping in, slap yourself (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)! Not only will this help you look at the brighter picture for once but its a way better way to resolve problems than to sit and worry over them, waiting for someone to be our knight in a shining armor.Trust me, no one is going to be your hero but YOU!

Your thought process should be more of a positively intriguing statement to self than a negatively formed assumption.
They’d be happy, but the happiness would be fleeting and then moments later you’d find them worrying over where to hide the money or contemplating on whether to tell their friends.
They’d either be critical about a happy situation or surprised as to how a good thing happened to them! Its something that occurs when we replace “i didn’t do that well on my test” with “i am so gonna fail!” when mostly former is the case. Write the extreme negative statement that comes to your mind and then be realistic and list three probabilities of how wrong a situation,according to you, can go. And then, philosophically ridicule it and regard it as ‘short-lived’,’leading to disappointment when it ends’ and so on.

You may not know what comes in between, but when its purpose is fulfilled,the final chapter begins to roll in. Not every person is unworthy of your trust and there is no situation that cannot be resolved!

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