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Famous forager, John Wright of River Cottage fame, and a renowned world enthusiast on foraging will be visiting Sark on 1st and 2nd September 2012. He will be staying at Stocks Hotel and leading a series of tutored walks around Sark incorporating foraging from the fields, hedgerows and coastal foreshores of the Island to source a variety of natural edible produce.
Stocks were a common punishment in workhouses, which were 19th century "benevolent" institutions for the poor.
In conjunction with the Head Chef at Stocks Hotel, Byron Haytor, John will then be demonstrating how to utilise the islands natural harvest in an interesting selection of especially devised menus.

As such the island is virtually pollution free and has a wealth of wonderful flora and fauna on the island and on the shore. The historic old property has been sympathetically refurbished to provide the ultimate in quiet luxury and barefoot elegance. Until recently he worked as a country cabinet maker (also a hobby which turned into a job, as it happens), now he spends his time foraging, and encouraging others to forage through his writing, forays, talks and, occasionally, tv and radio appearances. The finest traditions of island hospitality blend seamlessly with modern creature comforts. The hotel offers a choice of 23 superior bedrooms, suites and family combinations.

Sark country wines and fruit based infusions and liqueurs are homemade in the Tap Room and sold exclusively in the Old Stable Shop.

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