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If you do not look positively and become a pessimist then you cannot stand firm and can collapse very early.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sitting in a study room at the library, I worked diligently on the most important paper of my college career. While I laughed at an Instagram post from Buzzfeed, my friend read something completely different.
I half-heartedly asked her where and when the words “San Bernardino” left her lips my entire body went numb. On Wednesday, December 2, a man and woman opened fire at the Inland Regional Center, killing 14 people and injuring 22.
I do not know any of the people who lost their lives or watched their coworkers die; I don’t know anyone who got a phone call telling them their spouse, sibling, or parent was killed. Fourteen innocent people are dead due to what President Obama has declared as acts of terrorism. Life is so damn short and, unfortunately, there are people out there that want to take that precious gift away from others.

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After writing and researching for most of the morning, my pals and I decided we deserved a break.
My university is in San Bernardino County, and the city of San Bernardino is less than ten minutes away. But I do know that I share a city with those people, I shop at the same grocery stores they do, and I’ve wandered down the same streets they have. In the wake of international tragedy, it’s easy (and okay) to get down but important to continue moving forward and maintain a level of positivity.
It is too easy to let the darkness take over when tragedies such as San Bernardino happen, but spreading the love and positivity is a sure way to lighten up the world and make an actual difference. If you think positively and develop a positive and assertive attitude towards life you behave with people in most courteous way.

As we left the library to grab a drink from the cafe, we all pulled out our phones to catch up on social media (typical, right?).
Otherwise if you are a negative thinker there is always something negative and unpleasant to think about and it causes lots of negative impact on your mind and keeps you disturbed and uneasy. A negative minded person sees no positivity in anything happening and finds himself laying more emphasize on the weak points of others and he grasps the other way (negative way) of a healthy conversation. He is always found criticizing others and do not know how to appreciate others efforts and achievements. So develop positivity in your thoughts and also teach others to be positive because this is the vital rule of having a blissful life. Sometimes in life you find yourself in a difficult situation which is difficult to handle and often you have bad times as well.

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