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As the name suggests, the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit is covered on a yearly basis, whether you have Original Medicare (Part B) or are a member of a Medicare Advantage plan.
If you’ve just joined Medicare Part B and had a “Welcome to Medicare” exam, you have to wait a full 12 months before your first Annual Wellness Visit. Tip: To help you schedule this yearly maintenance appointment, try picking an easy-to-remember date on your calendar.
Just like when you take your car in for an oil change or tune up, the main focus of your Wellness Visit will be prevention. Your wellness visit can help your doctor decide what, if any, additional preventive services you might need.
Note: If you are a member of a Medicare Advantage plan, you will have the same coverage as Medicare Part B. Preventive care like a yearly physical can help you improve your health and stay healthier longer. If you’ve read the news lately, you’ve probably seen the stories about the seasonal rise of common colds and flu bugs, not to mention the international appearance of the deadly ebola virus. Sam drops by from time to time to hang out- we gossip, we try to solve the world’s problems- you know, just friends hanging out.

You and your doctor will talk about your current health status and measure things like your height, weight and blood pressure.
But be sure to check your plan materials to see if there are any additional preventive services that might be covered by your plan, too. It can also help find health problems early and can even help protect you from getting certain diseases.
Sam is clean and well put together, which is good because I am terrified of germs, always worrying about the billions of bacteria lurking on every surface, just waiting to make me sick. As I said, Sam’s a neat and clean guy, but the other night he showed up with a red, gooey eye.
In the same way, making sure you get regular checkups can help identify—or prevent—bigger problems later on. But if you do what you can to avoid germs, I’m sure you can prevent that from happening at least some of the time.
Washing your hands is the best way to prevent getting sick- always wash your hands well with soap and hot water and use hand sanitizer if you can’t clean right away. And be sure you’re seeing a Medicare-recognized health care provider that accepts Medicare assignments. This may include a “prevention plan”—a plan to help prevent illness based on your specific health and risk factors.

You can find the entire list of Medicare-covered preventive services on the website (see “Resources” list below). The visit may also help catch any potential health problems early, so treatment can start as soon as possible. It was crowded and I couldn’t get up and  move somewhere else, so in addition to being grossed out, I was also worried about catching what she had. And you can also do your part to avoid getting others sick; if you don’t feel well- stay home!
I must not be the only one who worries about those kinds of things because she immediately turned to me and reassured me that she wasn’t sick, she was suffering from allergies.
My germ phobia kicked in at full speed.  “You should get that checked out tomorrow- you might need to treat it,” I told him.

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