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Summer break is drawing to a close, and in some places is already has.  School days are just around the corner and we have a great handwriting idea to help you get your child prepared for school and get their handwriting looking polished to impress their new teachers with! Many schools publish a list of certain items that are required supplies for all students in a certain grade or in their particular class.
If you are a teacher, you can use this same idea with any signed papers or forms that you need students to bring back with them to school after the first day back.

If you don’t yet own the Startwrite software, try out our Back to School Printable Packet – 8 pages of handwriting practice all about school! This entry was posted in 52 Weeks of Handwriting, Printable Packet, Uncategorized and tagged back to school, getting ready for school, school, school days by . Instead of simply printing out that list, type it up in the Startwrite program and have your children practice their handwriting by writing out the list to take with you as you finish running all those back-to-school errands.

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