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This state-of-the-art E-Cig & E-Liq Vending Machine, with patent technology, provides a cost-effective and easy way to sell electronic cigarette and e-liquid products. With an E-Cig & E-Liq Vending Machine, you can quickly establish a profitable business by selling directly to the consumers through a self-service, automated E-Cig & E-Liq vending center.
Although, E-Cigarette retail business is one of the fastest growing businesses, however, the initial start-up can be hundreds of thousands of dollars.
High resolution software program, which allows you the capability to monitor your stock and vending machine remotely.
The E-Cig & E-Liq Vending Machine expands the boundaries of whata€™s possible and profitable in the increasingly competitive retail world for the electronic cigarette and e-liquid products!
The electronic cigarette & electronic liquid industry and the vending machine business are both a multibillion dollar a year industry. WHY WOULD I WANT TO INVEST IN AN E-CIG & E-LIQ VENDING MACHINE FRANCHISE AND NOT A FOOD OR CANDY VENDING MACHINE FRANCHISE?
Nearly $500 million dollarsa€™ worth of electronic cigarettes was sold in the US during 2011. More than half of all electronic cigarettes are sold online leaving a huge gap in the retail market. The E-Cig Company was the first company to manufacture the electronic cigarette, e-liquid and its accessories. Since E-Liquid is not actually a food product , The E-Cig Company is not regulated by the heath inspectors. The vending machine includes an inventory monitoring device which monitors an amount of each component in the vending machine and generates an output signal indicating that the vending machine is out of one or more components. The wireless communication system is the cloud-based, customizable control panel designed for vending operators to track, manage, and improve operations to become more efficient and profitable. When a vending machine runs out of stock, your service agents can get an automatic email or text message to restock the unit. Highly secured wireless communication system for the credit card processing as well as for the management. Merchant account with as low as 5% credit card processing rate by accepting all the major credit cards. Complete merchant selling management software for your remote control from anywhere you want.
Would you like to know what the vending business opportunity salespeople are trying to hide from you?
Would you like to know the 3 Questions to ask a vending machine salesman to find out whether he's a scam artist or not? Would you like to know a simple way to start a vending business with very little or no money (FREE machines)?

I've written a short report that just might save you thousands of dollars, and a ton of disappointment. The Versatile OVM270 Counter-top Cigarette Machine is ready to start selling for you; anywhere, anything! One Year Manufacturers Parts WarrantyREAD THIS MANUAL COMPLETELY: Your vendor is designed to operate simply and reliably, but to take full advantage of your vendor, please read this owners manual thoroughly. This item can be shipped within 6-10 business days from the warehouse VIA Curb Side LTL (Less Than Truck Load) for equipment weighing more than 75 pounds, or via FedEx or UPS Ground service. Almost anyone can become their own boss and open an automated e-cigarette & e-liquid store.
They are cost-effective and increase points of distribution, stimulate immediate sales, and build brand awareness. Now, you can have a piece of both by becoming an E-Cig Companya€™s Vending Machine Franchise. Electronic cigarette sales have increased by about 30 percent every year since their introduction in 2007. However, the E-Cig Company has high standards of manufacturing the e-liquids a€“ both in the US and in China. The vending machine is equipped with a wireless communication system to communicate with a control center, so that when the items in the vending machine are running short or the vending machine has other problems, the control center can dispatch service personnel to handle the situation. The system interface allows users to remotely access all of their vending machines and automated retailing systems, and have direct control and management over a variety of operations a€“ from changing a price, to sales reporting. At key high-traffic retail locations, this E-Cig & E-Liq Vending Machine assists resellers to attract the customers who shops, touches, swipes a credit card and the rest is automatic. We are not responsible for delays due to customs, additional duty fees, or taxes, if they apply, on international orders. If this information had been available when we started we would have avoided a lot of anxiety, worry and frustration! Electronically programmable to maximize variety in any location, this 30 selection counter-top vendor insures the correct space-to-sales.The simple, user-friendly features insure improved customer service and will give you the edge in your competitive marketplace. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. I AM TOLD ALL ARE IN WORKING ORDER HOWEVER I MYSELF HAVE NOT TESTED THEM.THE NEW PRICE OF THESE MACHINES IS BETWEEN R10 000 - R12 000ALL ARE COIN OPERATED. They also have many of The E-Cig Companya€™s products on stock, readily available for you to order to refill your vending machine at the lowest whole prices in the country.
Our US Company is incompliance with OSHA, Rancho Cucamonga Fire Department and San Bernardino County Fire.
The system features a 15" touch screen display that gives consumers the product information they need to make decisions to buy with cash or cashless payment.

Such vending machine enables e-cig & e-liq retailers to expand operations to remote locations. It's a good idea to find out what the REALLY BIG ONES might be BEFORE you spend your hard-earned money! Note: Any damages that may have occurred during shipping must be reported to the delivery carrier immediately.
The shipping quote is based on the services you requested when you filled out the shipping calculator. They have been on the cutting edge of the e-cigarette and continue to revolutions the e-cig industry. The system also provides real-time reports on product selling and feeding with a highly secured WI-FI transaction and management technology. Reporting damages and the seeking of restitution is the responsibility of the equipment owner.
This special LCD screens brings also advertising directly to attentive consumers at the point of purchase.
Majority of those investments are eliminated with E-Cig and E-Liq Vending Machine Franchise.
Feel free to contact our Customer Care Department with any questions you may have on this process. One of The E-Cig Company for 2013, is to publish a Safety and Hazard guideline manual for other electronic cigarette company to purchase.
We believe it is our responsibility to provide a safe and non-toxic product to our customers. Manufacturer neither assumes, nor authorizes any other person to assume for it, any other liability in connection with the sale of equipment manufactured by itself. This warranty shall not apply to equipment manufactured or any part thereof which is subject to accident, negligence, alteration, abuse, misuse, or damage in shipment.
The term original purchaser, as used in this warranty, shall be deemed to mean that person for whom the equipment is originally installed. Manufacturer is not liable for any incidental, consequential or other damages of any kind whatsoever, directly or indirectly, arising from the use of the equipment whether based upon theories of contract negligence or tort.

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