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It was really disappointed for a large number of fans that Pirates of the Caribbean Online (POTCO), the fun pirate themed MMO, was shut down in Sep 2013. Expectation:  One of the biggest motivators that I used to psych myself up to quit my corporate job was the “Work From Anywhere” promise. When my kids are out of the house, though, that’s a different ball game.  I’m still holding onto the vision of traveling a lot for extended periods of time…and working off of my laptop (I’ll just need to be more comfortable with the smaller screen real estate!).
Bottom Line: My expectations were naive, but I definitely feel more financially independent. Are you thinking about quitting your job to run an online business?  What are your expectations?  What is holding you back?

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Some folks were unwilling to lose this game forever and then they decided to resurrect this MMO as a new title--Pirates Online Rewritten. On average, I put in about 25-30 hours per week at the home office…but I am constantly thinking, researching, and planning outside of my “office hours”.  I am also fortunate enough that I can take a day off whenever I want, although I usually am only taking time off when I go on a family vacation or when I travel to my kids’ hockey games. Individually, these initiatives may not seem to be making any difference, but in totality they definitely contribute to the quality and growth of my sites. One thing that remains to be seen is how Primark are going to position themselves in the online market, budget brands may struggle as they have to sell in huge volume to make it worthwhile and the mid-level market is already pretty saturated with all the other high street brands.

The game is going to be free-to-play, and its dev team stressed that this MMO will focus on gameplay and fun, instead of making money from players with micro-transactions.

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