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We have siomai as our viand, merienda, finger foods, or even a buffet and special food dishes served today.
Since Siomai is now available everywhere, what is competing edge of each product is not the price anymore, but the taste and it’s full selling name. BUKO NUT (BUKO SHAKE)EGGLOGHAPPY WAFFLESISIG STOPCHING'S DUMPLINGSCOMBINATION PACKAGE>***NEW!!!
TO HELP DEVELOP THE UNDISCOVERED POTENTIALS OF ORDINARY FILIPINOS AND USE THESE POTENTIALS TO MAKE THEIR DREAMS BECOME A REALITY.THE FILIPINO DREAM EMBODIES THE VALUE OF INNOVATION AS A BREEDING GROUND OF JOB CREATION THROUGH THE PROMOTION OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Since the company owns its self-product manufacturing company and even tied up with many local companies, it is a guarantee that you can enjoy the products coming from them for a lower price of 25,000 you may enjoy start doing your good-food franchise business with low risk and high return.

This is also one of the reasons why Filipino have loved tasting other ordinary foods and reinventing it to even taste better.
Not as many of us can recognize our last time of eating siomai, but one thing is for sure, everyone have ate siomai already though it came from a lousy street foods or from a special restaurant in town. Nonetheless, because there are innovations now of food and people like to taste it we even try also to avail and patronize such good food.
But there are also questions how are you going to determine if the siomai being served taste better even not looking at it just tasting it? Because of plentiful decorations on food we sometimes forget trying it and just saying it’s good though.

In Pinoy Pao Express, they have this taste-like, looks-like, good food especially siomai products.

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