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I hope that posts about the India fountain pen industry will be forthcoming from the newly formed Pen Club Of India on FPN. All of the other factors, including price, pen material, manufacturer, type of nib, design, weight, paper, etc., simply do not matter.
I realize that most of us purchase, relying on marketing hype and appearance, while hoping that the pen will perform satisfactorily after it arrives. But, unless it's a piece of art, which incidentally men often find as one of their last forms of wearing and using as jewelry, then maybe we ought to start looking more at its purpose. Many pen companies in India are regional, and one can imagine how many independent pen companies are unnoticed and still manufacturing writing instruments, today. THE GUIDER MARALA FOUNTAIN PENI recently purchased the Guider Marala black ebonite, gold plated Fine Nib pen, with an iridium tip from FPR (Fountain Pen Revolution) in India. This is a lot of pen for the money with a few very minor handmade irregular faults, which lends to its authenticity and beauty. If you're looking for a great affordable pen that writes well, at well below US, Euro, and Far East market prices, then you might choose an Indian fountain pen.
The Marala only requires a spec of silicon grease to secure the barrel from leaking, and a few eyedroppers full of ink to remain useful for an extended period of time or days. Its total length when posted is approximately 7", and the cap does not seem to stay posted, unless pushed to secure in place. However, the adjustment is a small one to consider when buying this type of quality fountain pen.
I find nothing much original in the design of modern pens from India, except for the Camlin SD Executive fountain pen.

The Marala pencap is similar to the Dunhill Sentryman cap, but not in manufacture or price.
The Dunhill Sentryman cap is inspired by the English postal pillar box and has a precision engineered functional spring clip.
However, the Marala's barrel is not stepped like the Sentryman for posting, but provides a less ostentatious slightly rounded end to compliment the slightly doomed top of the cap.
I typically start with 8000 (or 4000 if the scuffs are more serious) and move up to 12,000 for finishing.
I doubt if this India gold plated steel nib will deteriorate before my time, but in case of an accident FPR (Fountain Pen Revolution) will send you a replacement at a minimal cost, or you might prefer to order a back up with your order. Before WWII grains of natural Iridium-Osmium alloy were the most commonly used material for this.
Since WWII industrially manufactured Platinium-Ruthenium alloys have been the most common tipping material.
I have not noticed any skipping or tiring of my hand during a few hours of writing, although I cap frequently.
The pen and nib work wonderfully to my style of writing, which is created by my hand and wrist (unfortunately not by using the arm), which results in a quick half print script. Although this is a reasonably expensive pen in India, and although I care for it as such, I find myself, not only looking forward to using it, but using it more frequently than some of my expensive pens from the USA and Europe. I feel that the initial filling of a new pen should be made with this type of ink since it usually provides a flow which is not conducive to leaking. Like typewriters of old, the occasional noise of the nib provides a cadence to my writing, as if someone were guiding my hand towards an ending.
The India widths are still a little larger than the Japanese line, and a little closer to a Western line in comparison.
In comparison, the Lamy German pen nib line is more of true western Euro width or a little larger than its designation.

International shipping debris and the time it takes for a package to arrive from India can necessitate some form of cleaning.1. They will leave minute fibrous remains to the threads and often lodge themselves in the barrel.5. Fill Ball Sponge syringe (2 ounce) with cold water and blow out nib assembly and nib to assure a clean flow of ink.6. Fill the barrel with ink to the area just below the threads, so that when you screw nib assembly to barrel there is no ink oozing from barrel or nib.7.
This encourages a new flow, and allows the pen to regenerate itself until you decide to perform a thorough clean. I infrequently take the nib assembly apart to clean, due to realignment issues on some pens. Another member on FPN suggests how to realign the tines, tank the nib, and feed out for cleaning.TESTING THE MARALA PEN TO PAPERWithout getting into a lengthy discussion with descriptions of paper weight, finish, absorption, and inks, I will show my choices, from Poor to Excellent (1-5, 5 being Excellent). A lot of pen manufacturers around the world adopted it as an alternative to metal pens back in early twentieth century. Use of the pen will certainly add a certain amount of natural oils and acid from your hands.Brian Gray, Edison Pens, states that they use large buffers and compounds at their manufacturing facility. If you ever get scratches or of the finish ever dulls, you can always send it back to us to use our large machines that will get it right.

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