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Stay Polished Nail Boutique, a nails-only salon, retains customers with personalized hour-long treatments and perfected product application systems. Although clients can receive their manicure at the salon’s pedicure station, Stay Polished also has a separate manicure station situated by the storefront window. Salon owner Naomi Kim-Nelson left a 14-year-long career in healthcare to become a nail tech. Matching the unhurried atmosphere of the area, all treatments at Stay Polished are one-hour long and ensure customers a personalized leisurely experience.
Long treatments are just as therapeutic for the nail tech as they are for the client, says Kim-Nelson, who sees clients in addition to running the salon. Additionally, the salon vows to steer clear of electric files, acrylics, and bad odors, and works hard to stay abreast of all the latest natural nail products on the market. Since Bird Rock is a bit off the grid, especially compared to nearby areas like downtown La Jolla or San Diego, Stay Polished does not receive many tourists. Each manicure station features a collection of treatment products, a UV light for curing, and an ergonomic wrist pad. A Bio Sculpture manicure, for example, includes nail prep, cuticle work, nail shaping, nail cleaning, hand massaging, polishing, and curing.

According to Kim-Nelson, Bio Sculpture is very prevalent at Stay Polished due to its versatility. Kim-Nelson is not afraid to try a new product and have her salon be the first in the area to offer it. Currently, Stay Polished offers Bio Sculpture soak-off gels, Gelish, Minx, CND, OPI, Essie, Carolyn New York, Chanel polish, bamboo and lemongrass scrubs and lotions from Lather, and Footlogix products. Consists of lymph flowing through the lymph spaces, lymph vessels, lacteals, and lymph nodes or glands. At the start of her career, she worked in a small La Jolla salon, and after a few years she noticed ways in which the current nail scene could be improved.
Clients can choose which portion of the treatment they’d like their manicurist to focus on. On occasion, a university student or two will book a service before graduation, but the salon’s client base is mostly returning customers, many of whom Kim-Nelson acquired from her previous nail tech job.
Nail techs keep a record for each client, tracking both personal details and beauty preferences.
If Kim-Nelson knows a client has a particular beverage she likes to drink, she’ll keep it in stock.

Although the stations have an overhead light, an abundance of natural light streams in from the salon’s floor-length windows.
However, the nail techs try to customize the procedure to better fit their client’s needs. When Kim-Nelson or her nail techs are interested in a new product, they will spend a few weeks familiarizing themselves with it, testing out its application internally.
Rather than using typical glitters, the salon uses Eye Candy glitter eye shadow, which they discovered works well on nails and gives clients a more sophisticated look.
Currently the salon has about 1,000 clients in its database, which includes regular and once-a-year customers.

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