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Before you plan a small retail business, you may want to find out how to start a mall kiosk business. Toys - include small items that will be purchased by parents when their children see them in the mall. Food - chocolate, seasonal gift baskets with dried fruit, cheese, sausage, candy, cookies and other food items with a relatively long shelf life make good choices for a kiosk.
Holiday decorations - seasonal candles, door hangers, ornaments, and table centerpieces are often bought on impulse.
Ideally, a kiosk should be staffed by at least two people so more than one person can be helped at a time.
Whatever you decide after you learn how to start a mall kiosk business, be sure you have a business plan so that over time you are confident that your business will be profitable. Become a part of the number one global sandwich franchise opportunity and you will reap rewards!
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Note that some malls require a contract that promises them a percentage of your sales in addition to the cost of the lease. Used kiosks may be available at considerable savings, but be sure a used kiosk is free of problems. If your kiosk features interesting merchandise displayed well, people will stop to look at it.
Kiosks are open and may be subject to shoplifting, so more costly jewelry items need to be kept in locked cases. Leasing is less expensive short-term or for seasonal use, but you may save money or the long run if you buy a kiosk to fulfill a long-term contract with a mall. The merchandise should consist of impulse buy items that meet a seasonal requirement, such as small gift items for Christmas or chocolate candy for Valentine's Day.
You may wish to focus on costume jewelry, silver, and semiprecious stones rather than gold and precious gems for a mall kiosk store.

With only one person, you will need a way to secure the merchandise when the staffer needs to be away from the kiosk for a few minutes. Mall kiosks are not suitable for all types of merchandise, but they lend themselves to impulse buying of small novelty items, jewelry, and accessories. They also are used for seasonal merchandise, sometimes as promotional stations for larger retailers such as Sees Candies and Hickory Farms. Also, items should be relatively inexpensive, because people will not invest in a major purchase from a kiosk merchandiser. Buyer perception is that kiosk proprietors may not be there for the long haul, so they are more cautious about buying items that may need repair or returns.

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