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Get great advice regarding how to plan out and start your own catering or concession business from WorldWide Trailer Sales. Is your food concession business serving long lines of customers at busy events but you are not seeing much profit?
Looking for the right recipe for your pancakes and crepes can be a real chore, but Lil' Orbits has the answer!
Food concession – does business at various short-term, albeit sometimes multi-day, events and venues such as special events and county fairs. Basically, food concessions designed to do business at 5 day fairs are much different than food concessions designed for 5 hour farmers markets. A concession at a 5 day fair usually sells large volumes of product and has the staff and production capabilities to operate at high volume for multiple 12 hour days. Whereas a concession at a single-day, 5 hour event must set-up quickly, fit within a 10 foot space, serve a menu that can be prepared and served quickly to maximize the short duration of business, be self-contained; having on-board power and water, and be quick to break down and pull out. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately because I am in the process of custom building a small, light-weight, economical vending trailer to be used at small, local events. I’ll keep you posted and provide images as the project progresses along with an explanation for each of the trailer features. There is no such thing as the perfect concession that can be equally successful at any and every event.
Hands down, one of my favorite times of the day is after the booth is closed when I trot off to the camper, crack open my favorite snack (chocolate), and get down to counting the money. There are hundreds of principles and variations of principles that influence the success of a food booth at any given event. When designing your concession signs don’t make the mistake of many novice vendors who are influenced by the franchise signs familiar at local malls. Unlike conventional small food service business operators, whose expenses and operating costs remain fairly consistent, concessionaires are faced with variable business expenses and operating costs – costs that are typically higher than non-concession small food businesses.
Whether you are in the planning stage of finding the right menu with which to start your concession, or, are already serving your menu at events, here are some tips to price your menu correctly. Break down each dish on your menu into individual ingredients, and cooking and serving products. If, like most concessionaires, you offer more than one item on your menu, some dishes may be more profitable than others. Many food concessionaires feel that hiring and managing good help is one of the most difficult and frustrating aspects of managing a food concession business. Although all of these policies will surely help you build your staff management skills, there are many more worth mentioning, and I’d be curious to know what other policies you’d add to this list. Hands down, the best part of this concessionaire’s day is after my booth is closed when I trot off to my camper, crack open my favorite snack, and get down to counting the money. A concession business usually includes a commissary – a place to store and service equipment and stock between events. In the yard is an assortment of trucks, vans, motor homes and trailers used to transport the equipment and stock to events.
You may find equipment in various degrees of condition, some ready to go to an event, others needing cleaning or repairs, and, still others being kept for spare parts. Both the food booth and commissary of a concessionaire who operates under a mobile food service license is inspected and licensed annually, and complies with strict regulations that enable food to be handled and prepared within the commissary. It wasn’t long ago when concessionaires used the telephone – with cord – to search for, query, and request applications for event food booth space.
Once you learn about an event it takes more research to learn if it is appropriate for your concession, and to estimate its profit potential. Last year I received an email from a woman disputing a claim I made on my website; that a person can start a small concession for $500. There is a world of difference between concessionaires who routinely attend large events and fairs with attendances of upwards of 100,000 people. It is far more common for a concession to be a small business run by a sole proprietor, who may or may not, hire one or two people to help set-up and serve food at three to five day festivals and small fairs with attendances of 3,000 to 10,000. There are a number of reasons small concession operations don’t commonly attend large 10-plus day events. Nonetheless, even concessionaires who run small or moderate concession businesses quickly become skilled, and often, successful in their particular venue niche. As for the email I received; I removed from my website the disputed statement about it being possible to start a concession for less than $500. Obtaining contracts for food booth space at quality events can be a difficult undertaking because there are a limited number of booth spaces available at a limited number of events.
In anticipation of sales, for a week prior to the event, I stayed up late each night baking bread in my home kitchen. Looking back, it is obvious to me (and, most likely, everyone else) my first mistake was my choice of menu.
Start your Business as a Food Vendor at popular events then upgrade to a Concession Trailer.
Concession stand trailers offer food entrepreneurs more flexibility than a traditional hot dog cart. When you are responsible for choosing food for a concession stand, it is If you’re wondering how to start a concession stand, this page includes the pros, cons, necessary equipment, and revenue for this type of business. Interested in starting a food-service business that affords lower overhead costs than a bricks and mortar restaurant? The Uni-Matic II makes lots of pancakes and crepes (with fillings) automatically, without the need to heat up a fry pan and pour in the grease or cooking oil.
On a day to day basis a food cart serves a steady clientele and operates much the same as a regular storefront food business. Our biggest challenge is to book a season of the right caliber of events – ones that are not too big, not too small, but are just right. Though most events are neither 5 day fairs nor 5 hour markets, but rather, are something in between, it helps to picture these two extremes when planning your concession business. Again, the whole enterprise is designed to maximize sales and make a profit that is proportionate to the size, duration and cost of the event.
However, I think this trailer will make it easier for vendors to utilize the many small local markets, will cost less to operate, and will generate higher sales. One of the most important things you can do to influence sales is to advertise your menu with a good sign. Most of these signs don’t mention what the shops are selling but instead depend on name recognition, called brand, to draw in customers.
However, it would be helpful to have a sign that distinguishes your booth from the others, particularly if your menu is more common.
It’s possible your menu is not priced correctly.  By using the correct formula to find the right price point for your product you will avoid selling yourself short.

Additionally, because the concession business is part-time and seasonal, enough revenue also must be generated to cover the concession operation during its down time.  Therefore, it is important to price your menu high enough to cover variable costs and expenses that are hard to foresee and pre-determine. For example: A concessionaire who serves corn dogs should also account for the cost of frying oil, ketchup, mustard, napkins, and a serving tissue. When a food concession business sells food at 80% profit and keeps additional operating costs and general business expenses, such as, space fees, wages, licenses, insurance, fuel, and maintenance under 30%, half of sales earned over the season will be profit.
Successfully staffing your concession business starts with finding and hiring the right people for the job. Beyond the reward of earning a decent pay, sometimes it’s the little things that inspire good employees. The commissary of a concessionaire who serves a simple menu may be something as easy as a little floor space in the corner of the garage, where, he or she has installed some shelving to store extra cases of product.
A collection of freezers might hold cases of stir fry noodles, diced chicken, hamburger patties and corn dogs.
Along with the vehicles will also be tools needed to maintain and service both the vehicles and food service equipment. The woman said her family had been in the concession business for over 50 years doing some of the largest fairs in the country. These concessionaires often invest $50,000 or more, in their concession trailer, pay 25% of sales, or more, in space fees, hire a large staff on which they pay withholding and workers comp,  write checks weekly to suppliers amounting to $10,000 or $20,000, and, make payments on newer model support vehicles, such as; one ton trucks and large motor homes. One is because working a fair 15 hours a day for 10 or more days is logistically too difficult.
With the party hats, confetti and well-earned hangovers behind us it’s time to start planning for the 2012 concession season.
Event coordinators may receive twenty, forty, or more, applications for food booth space each year.
A concessionaire who serves typical fair food, such as corn dogs and snow cones, will likely be passed over by event coordinators. This brag sheet introducing your booth and menu to event coordinators is the most effective way to make an early and positive impression. Mine was with a stick joint made of scrap barn boards, screwed together on sight by my dad and me.
By fair time I was ready with two freezers full of bread.  I mistakenly believed I would sell every one of them. Luckily, a more experienced vendor saw my dilemma, and helped me out by showing me how, in addition to bread; I could sell a quick and easy nachos dish. She additionally held a position on the Oregon Food Services Advisory Board and founded Northwest Vendor's Network Association. How to successfully own and operating a food concession trailer, vending cart or lunch truck business.
36 Reviews of Oracle Arena Food Concessions "The clerk at the concession stand recommended the breaded chicken with fries.
The appeal of selling food from a concession trailer truck is that you don’t need an office space to start a small business.
Supplier of mobile vending carts and kiosks for coffee, retail, food concessions and beverage.
Our crepe mix (#4045) is available in 50 lb bags, which you can order straight from our Minnesota plant. Before they plan and design any other part of their concession business they should research and become familiar with the type of events they plan to do business at. It may take several hours to set-up the booth and prepare the food to be ready for business. There are many more principles that are controlled by the vendor, such as; your menu, how well you promote your menu, booth presentation, quality of service and product, efficiency, pricing, and expanding your customer base by consistently returning to the same event.
For example: Instead of hanging a sign that reads “HOT DOGS” in big block letters, why not letter your sign with a distinctive typeface, and a large graphic of a bun cloaked wiener dancing over a hot grill while oozing its toppings?  This sign says your hot dogs are not mediocre. By articulating your high standards for cleanliness, product quality, service quality, and appropriate interaction with the public, your workers will be clear where you stand on their role in representing your business.
Then, I can’t wait to finish up so I can slink away to scrub the big capital “L” off my forehead in private. However, concessionaires who operate complex operations, with large and diverse menus, need a space that functions as an equipment warehouse, stock warehouse, repair shop, and vehicle yard. On shelves will be non-perishable items like cases of nacho chips, cans of nacho cheese, hamburger buns, cans of ketchup, and beverage mix.
Garden hoses, used to clean equipment and fill water tanks, will lie amongst spare parts and power cords. Though, small summer festivals often don’t get organized until later in the spring, some larger events have already done so, and are ready to start booking their concessions for this coming season. Now, many events have websites that provide answers to questions vendors typically ask, like: the event’s date, attendance, location, and schedule of activities.
She went on to described in detail the tens of thousands of dollars her and her husband were spending to equip their new concession trailer, purchase insurance, support vehicles, pay event fees, travel cost, and so on. Though possible, it is difficult to start, even the smallest concession, with so little invested. Every year I am surprised how fast winter slides into spring, bringing with it a flurry of the usual pre-season activities. Therefore, it is critically important new vendors present themselves and their new concession business in the best light possible. Serve a menu that is unique, but not so crazy unique customers will be afraid to spend their money on it.
Something as simple as painting clown faces on your trash can lids (mouths open to receive trash) might be enough to make your booth memorable to the decision makers.
A color photograph or drawing of your business, along with a blurb describing your delicious food and your professionalism, is an effective way to set yourself apart. However, you might also be surprised to earn more money and have more fun than you thought possible. It took all day and lots of hand tools to have it standing straight enough to throw a tarp over it and call it a food booth. It’s amazing now to recall how, back then, the health department was much more lenient in their food service licensing than it is today. Her own experience and dedicated passion for the business drives her belief in the food concession business as a path to self-employment.
To make great tasting pancakes, simply our our specially formulated donut mix (#4101), which is also available in 50 lb bags direct from us to you. This is important because, operation-wise, different concessions are more practical and successful at different types of events.
Some concessions are logistically limber and serve a simple menu; feasibly served at nearly any event- large or small.

I plan to make custom trailers available to other concessionaires and vendors sometime next year.
There are still other principles that are out of everyone’s hands, such as the weather and local economy. Here, providing, on average, all dishes sell equally well, then your profit margin remains at 80%.
Yet, as a manager, hiring the right people with the right qualities to help your business run smoothly and profitably is often harder than you’d expect.  Fortunately, with the right policies you can improve your staff for a more profitable food concession business. By initiating an honest, fair-minded, and team-oriented policy from the outset, the incentive for dishonesty may be eliminated. There are hundreds of factors and variations of factors that influence the success of a food booth at any given event.
Temporary restaurant license holders are not permitted to handle or prepare food at their commissary. In addition to their vast database of events, this comprehensive website is a trove of information for vendors.
Information about the vendor space fee, vendor policy, and a downloadable booth space application is usually also available. Another reason is because the operation doesn’t have the sales capacity to make the cost worthwhile.
Everything certainly needs to fall into place, and even then, one’s opportunities are extremely limited.
Though a unique menu initially may not sell as well as standard fair food, your event bookings will be of higher quality, and, if your food is good, your niche will develop quickly producing higher sales in the future. Inside I had a folding table, folding chair, stack of napkins, cash box, and, a tall stack of coolers full of my one and only menu item –sliced loaves of banana bread.  I knew it wasn’t the perfect menu for a five-day Fourth of July event, but, since I was already baking loaves to sell to restaurants, it was easy to bake extra. By just answering a few questions, such as: “Is your dog an indoor or outdoor dog?” I was able to get a license to cook commercially at home. Experienced concessionaires are not usually inclined to help naive new vendors; something I didn’t appreciate at the time.
She is a concession start-up consultant, and the best-selling author of, Food Booth, The Entrepreneur’s Complete Guide to the Food Concession Business. The enterprise is designed to maximize sales and make a profit that is proportionate to the size, duration, and cost of the event. It’s my opinion that, in this business, the four most important factors that influence sales are: signage, booth location, menu, and operational efficiency. Although you may never catch the thief in the act, you should always have a pretty good idea how much revenue the booth has produced and a good instinct for inconsistencies. Further, by placing a tip jar on the front counter for your workers they receive instant gratification and motivation for providing your customers with good service.
So, if you plan to book food booth space at some of the well established, larger events there is no time to lose. All this information makes it possible to pre-screen your entire event schedule without using your business voice. Most concessionaires get their start in a much more modest fashion; without previous experience, and, with an inexpensive booth doing small events. I think it is much more realistic to expect to invest no less than several thousand dollars. I expect he simply found me attractive, but, I was extremely lucky to benefit from his thirty years of experience…thanks Tom. Of those four, three (signage, menu, and operational efficiency) are entirely within your control. Yes, it’s true that quality, service, value, and other marketing principles play a role, but at this point, if your sign doesn’t draw attention and inspire enough interest, your menu won’t even be considered. Perhaps, equally important; because the success of a food concession business depends on maximizing sales during peak sales times a worker must be able to work quickly and competently, while confidently managing hordes of impatient, hungry customers.
Requiring the cashier to verbalize each order, the price, and amount in change made to the customer, lets you know what has transpired at the cash register even when your back is turned.
There are many more that are controlled by the vendor, such as your menu, how well you promote your menu, booth appearance, quality of service and product, efficiency, pricing, and consistently returning to the same event.
With these four basic pieces a concessionaire can sell almost anything; from hamburgers, hot dogs, curly fries, elephant ears, stir fry, and sausage to breakfast, and more. Food safety issues are addressed at, and within the booth prior to opening for business, at each and every event. It’s no fault of the website, but rather, because it is up to event organizers to list their event.
They happen because these concessions have the assets and capacity to prepare and serve food to thousands of people. Sure, many concessionaires can find the money to purchase the equipment and stock, and hire the extra staff to reach for the brass ring of high sales and big dollars at a 10 day state fair. The quality and visibility of your signs are so influential to sales that it can be said that almost any menu served from nearly any booth can be effectively marketed…with the right sign. This policy also protects the cashier from the customer who makes false accusations that an error was made.
There are still other factors that are out of everyone’s hands, such as the weather and local economy. In fact, most dishes sold on the midway are prepared with one of these four pieces of food service equipment.
When the event ends the concession company is transported to another event, possibly in another state, where it again serves food to thousands of people. In my opinion, in this business, the four most important things that influence a concessionaire’s sales are: your location within the event, your menu, the effectiveness of your signs, and, your operational efficiency. The warehoused collection of equipment will also include ice chests,  freezers, beverage and condiment dispensers, utensils, sneeze guards, tent poles and canvases, signs, propane tanks, water hoses, electric cords, floor mats, pop canisters, garbage cans, dish washing tubs, and much, much more.
Any of any number of things can go wrong putting the entire investment at risk, such as; bad weather, equipment breakdowns, poor organization, or, an inability to adequately compete for sales. Take, for example, two booths with the charming names, “Buns on the Run” and “Two Guys and a Grill.” The fun-loving public may be attracted to these booths just for grins.
Most are promoted locally, such as; with the chamber of commerce, on the city or county website, or in the local newspaper. In addition to being fun and memorable these business names hint at what’s on the menus as well. And, because Drake has been in the business a long time, is a regionally based company, and doesn’t wait around to be contacted by event coordinators, many small, local events are listed in their guide.

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