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Insurance may be compulsory for example third party motor and employers liability all may be required as a condition of doing business as a contractual requirement.
Where you have employees or simply operate as a limited company, it is likely you will require Employers Liability cover as it is a legal requirement. Standard Public Liability cover excludes damage to property worked upon, which in a cleaning environment would exclude the very property you are working on! We are also able to arrange cover on your valuable equipment whilst in transit, on site or at base. Start an office cleaning business from homeLearn how to start an office cleaning business from home.Continue reading "Start an office cleaning business from home"Follow us on social mediaBe sure to follow us on your favorite social media sites. You’ve just come to the right place, as Cleaning Business Classroom was built just for you!  At CBC you can learn from expert veterans in the business on not only what it takes to start a cleaning business, but how to grow it and make it profitable! Whether you are just beginning or are currently running a Commercial Cleaning or Residential Cleaning Company or both, joining our community of cleaning company owners will give you immediate access to proven strategies for starting, building, growing and managing your cleaning business.
Now, compare that to starting a restaurant where you will need tens of thousands before you ever greet your first customer.   We did not even buy our equipment until we landed our first account, so there was no investment except printing business cards. No inventory to sell, spoil, become obsolete or get stolen.  Using our method, you will not have a stock of equipment and supplies that are in need of insurance coverage, and that are exposed to wear, repair, or theft. We are in our 26th year of operation and our business has generated over $9,000,000.00, yet we have never leased space. Tired of being told when to work, when to leave, when you can go on vacation and for how long? Hopefully we will never need to use it - but if we do we want the reassurance that it is going to operate. This is why at Ainleys we have designed cover which includes damage to property worked upon, to give you valuable insurance protection in this area.
Feature us on your page and receive 10% off on the Clean Up Now System.Continue reading "Follow us on social media"Financing your cleaning businessFinance your purchase and make no payment for 6 months.

Tired of putting up with someone else controlling your future?  With this business, you are adding value and security to your own future every day you go to work. Continue reading "Financing your cleaning business"What do clients think?"I have had the business system now for 4 months and it has been instrumental in starting my business. Can I get an amen?So whether you want to know how to clean a cutting board with lemon essential oil, or how to use the power of your existing customer-base to land you more cleaning jobs than you know what to do with, read on. Ev created a website for me that is excellent""It's amazing how much valuable information they have put together in an entertaining, easy to understand and ample format""I have spent the past few days ransacking all the articles on your site, taking endless pages of notes, and generally being amazed and astonished, and sometimes completely overwhelmed by the remarkable depth and breadth of all the information that you have provided. You have very powerfully delivered on what you promised"Continue reading "What do clients think?"5 mistakes when starting an office cleaning serviceDona€™t make these 5 mistakes when starting an office cleaning service. So do moms and dads with school-age kids.Continue reading "Start an office cleaning service"How much money do I need to start a cleaning business?How much money do I need to start a cleaning business? One of the great things about a cleaning business start up is that you literally start it with very little money.Continue reading "How much money do I need to start a cleaning business?"Start a Window Washing BusinessAbout to start a window washing business?
Make it your priority to get a professional looking website.Continue reading "Start a Window Washing Business"Start a cleaning business with little moneyHow to start a cleaning business with little money. Continue reading "Start a cleaning business with little money"What are the pros and cons of using a cleaning franchise?Want to know our expert opinion on cleaning service franchises? If you are considering a franchise, please read this first!Continue reading "What are the pros and cons of using a cleaning franchise?"Cleaning Business Start Up4 Cleaning Business Start-Up Must-Doa€™s.
You can create financial independence and greater satisfaction in your work life.Continue reading "Cleaning Business Start Up"Start a green cleaning businessThinking about starting a green cleaning business? You couldn't pick a better time, as people are increasingly becoming aware of the connection between chemical solvents and health hazards.Continue reading "Start a green cleaning business"Starting a Janitorial ServiceIs starting a janitorial service right for you? Continue reading "Starting a Janitorial Service"Cleaning Business NamesA list of cleaning business names including a tutorial on how to pick the best name for your cleaning business.Continue reading "Cleaning Business Names"Residential Cleaning Business SystemYour residential cleaning business system needs to be cutting edge and scalable.
Continue reading "Residential Cleaning Business System"Ceramic Tile CleaningCeramic tiles can be difficult to clean, especially if they are old.

Continue reading "Ceramic Tile Cleaning"Cleaning company sloganHow to choose the perfect cleaning company slogan. Continue reading "Cleaning company slogan"Start a Carpet Cleaning BusinessStart a carpet cleaning business. For the proactive business owner, carpet-cleaning can provide a steady flow of reliable and interesting work.Continue reading "Start a Carpet Cleaning Business"How to start a cleaning business from scratchHow to start a cleaning business from scratch. A challenge to figure out.Continue reading "How to start a cleaning business from scratch"Open a janitorial serviceWhat advantages might there be to opening a janitorial service, rather than starting a housecleaning business?
Continue reading "How much to charge for office cleaning"Start a commercial cleaning businessWhy social media is central when you start a commercial cleaning business. Insurance is inexpensive and actually helps you to convert potential clients.Continue reading "Cleaning Business Insurance Basics"Three stepping stones to growth.
Commercial cleaning business owners need a system to help their business grow.Continue reading "Three stepping stones to growth.
Continue reading "Marketing your cleaning business to realtors"Why hire a cleaning business consultant?A cleaning service consultant can help you reach your goals, and offer practical advice for whatever stage your business is in.Continue reading "Why hire a cleaning business consultant?"Cleaning Business AssociationsThe national and international associations below are well-known throughout the industry.
Continue reading "Cleaning Service Press Release"Carpet Cleaning Business MethodLearn how to start a carpet cleaning business with the Suze & Ev business method.Continue reading "Carpet Cleaning Business Method"Start a window cleaning business with the Suze & Ev MethodStart a window cleaning business with the Suze & E v cleaning business method. Continue reading "Cleaning Service Business Plan"Best Carpet Cleaning MethodHere is an overview of the best carpet cleaning methods in use by professionals.

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