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Seeing that we live in a time where the world economy is getting worse each and every day, there has never been a better time to start a home business.
The truth is a single day job is not cutting it for most people and by having your own business you are in control of what you make. There are many business models that you can choose from if you choose to start a home business. The multi-billion dollar industry of network marketing or direct sales has many benefits to the aspiring entrepreneur. In my personal opinion this is probably the most beneficial aspect of being a business owner. I have never enjoyed anything about entrepreneurship more than learning and getting better skill sets.
The greatness of network marketing or direct sales is not only does it develop your business skill sets, it also helps you become a better leader, a better teacher and a better mentor to other people that join you or choose to work with you. This is by far one of the best and most rewarding reasons to start a home business in this industry.
Network marketing will provide you the knowledge and training on how to put yourself at the center of the learning to sell and distribute product.
The industry will teach you approaches and techniques that will make the sales process smooth, and a lot easier to handle. Here, you will learn how to properly deal with people and build meaningful relationships with them as you grow. They will teach you the ins and outs and give you useful knowledge that you will later give to your own team members.

You’ll have the chance to meet mentors and leaders that you can learn valuable lessons from each and everyday. Once the knowledge is imparted to you, you can use that knowledge to help others do the same thing, and get the same results.
I think just based on these 3 points alone is a great reason to start a home business in the network marketing or direct sales industry.
You simply will not find a better business model for beginning entrepreneurs and those aspiring to start a home business. Great post Mark, I especially agree with reason #1, I found as a Mum with six kids, working from home really developed important skills like leadership and greatly improved my self confidence. There is no better feeling that becoming the best person you can be and stretching your skills and learning capabilities to the highest limit. There really is no better time to get involved with a home based biz, than where we find ourselves at right now. Great post Mark and for anyone reading this post it should soon become apparent that starting a home business is just that a business and to succeed you need to work on your personal development, learn to make sales and find someone to mentor you to the next level. One of my favorite things about my experience with having a home business is the personal development.
I want to be around positive, business minded people who I can learn from, grow with and sometimes impart some of my knowledge to them. Personal development was one thing I did not expect to take on when starting my business online. I am just like you Preston, I love personal development, its the greatest thing I have gotten from Network Marketing.

I truly believe that in order to start a business or earn money, learning and developing skills are very important.
There is no greater passion Mark has than helping people to free themselves from the everyday rat race of life.
That is what opened my eye to network marketing is the opportunity to be mentored and walk step by step by successful driven entrepreneur’s.
I’ve transformed into a more powerful person and I have overcome much of what had stopped me in other parts of my life.
He teaches people how to use internet marketing to reach the masses and make a full time executive income from home with their business. You grow as an individual a lot, learn how to sell and promote yourself first of all, then your products and last but not least, all the effort and knowledge acquired is not lost but passed to others through teaching and mentoring. Plugging into personal development on a daily basis is what allowed me to achieve the success I have today. While I can work alone and need little guidance, I am used to an working environment where there are managers and supervisors. I am a freelancer, and since i started my life is so much different in a better way, of course.. Now, I feel so independent and free, I need to be responsible by instilling discipline towards myself.

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