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June 9, 2016 by Nicole Orozco Leave a Comment Share3 Tweet5 Pin +1 ShareTotal Shares 8Although a business trip implies that you are travelling for work purposes, it doesn’t mean that you can’t experience everything a new city or even country has to offer. Unsurprisingly one of Atlantic City’s biggest features is their casinos, and there is a wide variety of all different types of casino games you can play.
If your one who loves learning about new things and touring round museums, then you will be glad to know that Atlantic City has its own museum. On a business trip, most of the time you will be busy with meeting, presentations and all things to do with work.
If you have a spare afternoon to yourself, when in Atlantic City you have to check out Absecon Lighthouse. Nicole is also the chief resource curator at Mompreneur Media assuring that her tribe of mompreneurs gets the information and support they need to succeed in all facets of life. Mompreneur Media is a leading internet media company providing business services and editorial content designed to serve the needs of mom entrepreneurs. Our Business & Networking membership is offered to all who are interested in fast and fabulous cars, and who want to meet people who share a similar interest in both cars and business.
Dell had high hopes for the Alienware Steam Machine after its delayed release last year, but it did not become as popular as its twin, Alienware Alpha, a Windows-based PC gaming console.
The viability of Steam Machines, a family of Linux-based PC gaming consoles with SteamOS, has been questioned, but Dell isn't giving up yet. The Steam Machine's rectangular console is based on a concept design from Valve, the world's largest independent game distributor. It's a slow process, but as Dell improves the Alienware line, more attention is being paid to gaming in SteamOS and Linux, said Chris Sutphen, senior marketing manager at Alienware.
Steam Machines will get a boost from Vulkan, an API (application programming interface) that will improve graphics and gaming on mobile devices and PCs.
Gamers usually want the latest and greatest hardware, and one of Vulkan's strengths is to exploit GPUs to render powerful graphics. A new Alienware Steam Machine priced at $749 will have the Intel quad-core Core i5 chip based on the Skylake architecture, Nvidia's GTX 960 GPU, 8GB of DDR4 memory, a 500GB hard drive and 802.11ac Wi-Fi.
For more horsepower, a $899 Steam Machine will be loaded with a Skylake-based Intel Core i7 chip, an Nvidia GTX 960 GPU, 8GB DDR4 DRAM, a 1TB hard drive and 802.11ac Wi-Fi. For budget customers, Dell will continue to offer the original Alienware Steam Machine, which started shipping last year for $449.
Dell also introduced faster versions of the Alienware Alpha with Windows, which offers better graphics performance, storage and connectivity. The new Alpha systems run on Intel Skylake processors, and could be configured with AMD's Radeon R9 M470X or Nvidia's GeForce GTX 960. The new Alphas can also work with the latest GPUs through the Alienware Graphics Amplifier, a $199 external attachment that can bring additional graphics power to GPUs. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. In the early stages of starting a business, the primary goal of the first campaign should be to generate positive publicity for the brand. The best way to achieve this is to look at marketing as a means of starting a movement, rather than simply seeing it as a method of advertisement. The best way to turn a business into a movement is to provide a product or service that is actually useful or beneficial to people in some way. If your marketing material and business model provide any entertainment or informational value whatsoever, you should be able to get a fire started by offering your friends and followers incentives to like and share your posts.
Although Facebook a€?Like Gatinga€? is now banned, there are still plenty of legitimate ways you can offer customers incentives become an advocate a€“ you’ll just have to be creative.
People love to talk about their beliefs, political preferences, hobbies, and other opinionated topics that make them who they are as an individual. If your business can provide a solution that ties into a common cause, you’ll instantly have a huge fan club just waiting for you open your doors.

Companies that take such morally beneficial stances early on are usually able to start movements that are conducive to long-term success. In closing, it is possible to use the above tips in a less than honest manner in order trick people into backing your company for nothing more than your own gain. Don’t think or operate in this manner, as it will only result in disappointment in the long-term. Harald MerckelHarald Merckel is a freelance writer whose primary focuses are business, e-gaming and marketing.
Mentoring has existed for a long time, but it always stays in fashion, especially in the world of entrepreneurship. According to a statistic from the Fondation de l’entrepreneurship, 73% of businesses that benefit from the help of a mentor could celebrate their fifth anniversary.
A mentor is someone who has experience in a given field, such as entrepreneurship, and who is willing to share their knowledge on a volunteer basis with someone less experienced, like you. The Fondation de l’entrepreneurship defines the role of mentor as a combination of critic and cheerleader. A good mentor will listen to you, ask questions, help you identify solutions or review decisions.
The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) is well-known for the assistance that it provides to over 30,000 SMBs across the country.
Entrepreneurs in northern Quebec also have access to mentoring through the Centre d’entrepreneurship nordique. Fondation Montreal offers 90 startup businesses access to a range of services, including mentoring. Even though it offers services to everyone, the Centre d’entrepreneuriat Feminin du Quebec (CEFQ) has developed expertise in female entrepreneurship. Share entrepreneurial tips with web users by telling a personal anecdote or story about something you experienced. The amount you can do and what you want to do to experience the places different culture does obviously depend on how much free time you have on your business trip.
The hardest part for you will be choosing which casino and what games to play while you are there. Not only is it the tallest lighthouse in New Jersey with a height of 171 feet tall it is also the oldest lighthouse in the country and is 150 years old. She creates brand identity design, and designs and markets websites for women and mom entrepreneurs.
For moms Nicole’s extensive experience as a digital media designer and her flair for design puts her in a unique position to help amplify goals.
With better hardware and an expanding list of gaming titles, Dell is hoping that interest in Alienware Steam Machines will grow. At the E3 show this week, Dell is announcing Steam Machines with faster graphics processors and chips. The number of titles doesn't match that available for Windows, the focus of most PC game development.
Vulkan, which was released earlier this year, is already improving gaming on Linux and Steam Machines PCs, much like how DirectX 12 advanced gaming in Windows 10. It originally took a long time to port games from DirectX to OpenGL -- Vulkan's predecessor, introduced in 1991 by Silicon Graphics.
Dell is packing the latest chips into its new Alienware Steam Machines with the goal of matching gaming on Windows.
The amplifier will bring virtual reality capabilities to the Alphas, said Frank Azor, general manager at Dell. People need to be excited that your company is coming to town and there needs to be anticipation built around the grand opening. This concept applies whether you operate locally or globally, but it can’t be denied that the a€?start a movementa€? approach is more effective when applied on a local scale initially.

Per Wickstrom, CEO and founder of Best Drug Rehab, gave me this advice when telling me the story of how his centre achieved such rapid acceptance. For example, Serenity Recovery was able to attract a fair amount of leads quickly by giving the surrounding community a place where addicts can go to rehabilitate.
Although he loves tech gadgetry as much as the next guy, Merkel prefers to write with pen on paper. The reason is quite simple: mentoring dramatically increases a business’s chances of success. A mentor is there to facilitate your reflection and your sense of self-assessment, but also to help you develop your independence. But possibly more than any other role, the mentor will be there to break the isolation that you are experiencing as an entrepreneur. To help you find a good mentor, it identifies seven qualities that you should look for in a mentor.
Fully dedicated to entrepreneurship, this organization is a treasure trove of entrepreneurial resources.
Even though it is not a mentoring program as such, the organization’s website contains a great deal of useful information.
To respond to this interest, a certain number of organizations have created customized mentoring programs. The CEFQ supports and coaches entrepreneurs on their career path by offering them a mentoring service. Your tips could be about your specific activity sector or management subjects of more general interest. However most of your free time will occur in the evening which means you will be able to experience some different restaurants and cuisines, and even have time to play some games in one of many casinos Atlantic is famous for. If you are a big fan of Spanish 21, Caribbean stud poker, Texas hold’em or any other rare gambling games then the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa may the perfect place for some down time, after a stressful day on your business trip. You will be able to take an amazing journey as you ascend the 228 steps, once you reach the top you will be greeted with views of Atlantic City’s skyline. Brands know that Nicole can connect them with the most influential mom bloggers to deliver amazing results.
The Amplifier will help gamers play games via Nvidia's upcoming Pascal GPUs at a later date.
SAGE-Mentorat d’affaires offers mentoring services to entrepreneurs in the region, whether you are in the pre-startup or startup phase, or growing. Not only is the organization focused on entrepreneurship, but it is also a good source of information on all kinds of topics, such as drafting a business plan, planning, and much more. Another popular casino also voted Atlantic City’s luckiest casino is the Tropicana casino resort, so try your luck at anything from slot machines to blackjack. One restaurant to check out is Dock’s Oyster House, which has been around for nearly 120 years.
Which is filled with many random displays including rare animal skeletons and shrunken heads. If you’re looking for the perfect set up for the day, head to Kelsey & Kim’s Southern Cafe as they do the best breakfast which will be perfect if you had a big morning of meetings ahead of you.
In Atlantic City they have a variety of some of the best restaurants and cafes in America, so even the fussiest eater will be satisfied on your business trip.

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