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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Stadig flere  folger OBM-siden pa facebook - gjor det du ogsa, her far du varsel nar vi publiserer! Jan Gronbech leder Google-konsernets avdeling i Oslo, og han har kunnet folge oppkjopskandidaten Groupons voldsomme vekst her pa n?rt hold. Google byr 37 milliarder kroner for Groupon, som star bak nettraketten MyCityDeal med flere hundre tusen medlemmer i Oslo og resten av landet pa bare fa maneder. Once you have clarified your points than most likely those will remain in your memory for longer period of time.
Also it is easy to retain logical things in mind as compared to the things that are very subjective. According to him, some listeners lost their attention from the pe topic just because they are more focused on the delivery style of the speaker.
Delivery style does matters a lot to engage the audience, but from the listener point of view content is more important than delivery.

He said that listeners should have also the capability of analyzing the non-verbal cues of the speaker.
Sometimes when the listener is not getting the point orally, than Pa by analyzing the speaker’s non-verbal gestures, the listener could understand the point that the speaker is trying to explain. On average, it broadcasts approximately 1,500 hours of news, information, and other programming every week. Heil held various positions like foreign correspondent, chief of news and current affairs, and deputy director with the Voice of America. Heil has said that it is highly recommended that at the end of the speaker’s session, every listener should summarize the main ideas of the speaker. Heil as a guest speaker to our class is to give advice and tips to the students for improving their listening skills. Heil has also laid down the importance of practicing regularly, especially with the television. It meansTo that whenever you are listening to somebody; keep focused your attention on the core area of the discussion.
Heil has also discussed the importance of taking meaningful notes while listening to others.

He said that try to block out external distractions as much as you can while listening to the speaker.To In general, I felt that this session of Mr.
The purpose of this activity is to preserve the main ideas and concepts of the presenter on to the piece of paper. It is very important and useful tool, especially for those situations where recalling becomes an issue for the listener. The guest speaker has a very much grip on communication skills and gave some very useful and practical tips to the students. Asking question to clarify points is another tool for improving the listening skill and understandability level. Other than these sorts of session, workshops should also be conducted as well in order to improve the skills of the students.

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