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If you like the look and feel of glycerin soap but balk at price tags of those sold at the stores, you can make your own by following these steps on how to make glycerin soap. If you have a double boiler, it is best to use that -- put water on the lower portion to boil.
Put one pound of glycerin into a tin can large enough to contain it when itA?s entirely melted. Carefully watch over the glycerin as it melts, stirring constantly and making sure it does not scorch, until it?s all melted into a clear liquid. Now you can add the ingredients that make your soap uniquely yours: essential oil, dried flowers, petals, or herbs, cosmetic-grade color or mineral pigments (all available at a crafts supply store or online). Wait for the bubbles in the mixture to rise to the top, then spray the top with rubbing alcohol to eliminate the bubbles. When the soap has cooled down completely, it should pop right out of the mold and be ready for use.
Soap making is very useful to know, especially for those who are health and environmentally conscious. Soap is a very essential part of our daily lives, as much for its hygienic and disease prevention properties as for the soothing and clean feeling it provides.
Collect your materials: Glycerin or soap base, soap scraps, essential oil and soap color (both optional), cooking oil spray, and rubbing alcohol in a spritzer. Put the shaved or cut-up glycerin or soap base on the top part of the boiling water and wait for it to melt. With this instruction on how to make soap from scratch, you can start making your own soap and use a milder, safer, gentler soap that the whole family can enjoy. Homemade soap is an ideal birthday present, teacher or hostess gift or wedding shower favor. Step 1You can make colored, scented soaps with melt-and-pour glycerin soap base, soap coloring, essential oil and soap molds. Step 3Transfer the melted soap to heat resistant container, such as a paper coffee cup, to add coloring or fragrance. Step 2Add a little color, if desired; just be sure it's not so dark that your shapes and colors aren't visible.

Essential oil not only adds fragrance to the soap, it also has other properties, such as stress relief, medicinal, etc., depending on the specific oil you choose.
It enables you to make just enough for your needs, use only the ingredients you want, and avoid harmful chemicals in your soap. While many different kinds of soaps are readily available everywhere, there are those of us who are concerned about the chemicals that touch our bodies. You will need a clean countertop with an expanse of space to allow free movement, and all your necessary tools and ingredients in one place.
Dirt that gets into your soap will be difficult to remove and will defeat the purpose of using soap for cleaning up. Shaving will melt the base faster and shorten the melting duration considerably, while chunks will take longer to melt. Glycerine soap base comes in a few different varieties, such as honey, aloe and shea butter; most soap bases come without added colors or fragrance. For a more fragrant soap, add more essential oil, little by little, until the desired fragrance is achieved. Allow soap to set for several hours on a flat surface or place mold in the refrigerator if you'd like to harden the soap faster. To add color, transfer the melted soap to a mixing container, add a few drops of color and stir. However, constant repetition will make the process easier and smoother, and you will be enjoying the fruit of your labor for a long time. Since glycerin soap is translucent, it enables you to insert a small toy ? as long as it won?t melt in the heat and is light enough to float in the mixture ? as a surprise for a child or just for embellishment. What?s more, knowing how to make glycerin soap enables you to indulge in the luxury of a custom-made, gentle, delightful soap at a fraction of the cost of a store-bought one.
This is particularly necessary when we have children or family members who are sensitive to the harsh ingredients of most soaps sold on the market. Molds specifically meant for soaps is more convenient to use and will result in more attractively shaped soaps, but using leftover plastic containers as molds is a good way to recycle them. Turn off the stove as soon as all the soap is melted, and then let it cool slightly before adding the essential oil and soap color.

You can easily personalize soap with fragrance, colors, and even names and short phrases as shown here. One-fourth of a pound of soap base will make three soaps of this size; one pound of soap base is enough to make all 12 soaps of this size. You don’t want the soap to completely harden, so do not place it in the refrigerator.
Plus, you will be using the ingredients that you like so that you can custom-fit it to your needs.
Make sure that the water level reaches only half of the tin can where youA?re melting the glycerin, and that no water gets into the glycerin while itA?s melting.
The easiest way to start is to keep it simple and basic, just to get a feel for the process.
To add, stir very gently, again to avoid bubbles, as this will result in the soap becoming cloudy.
You also stand to benefit from a handmade soap that you know does not contain ingredients that may be harmful to you, your family and the environment. Cosmetic-grade color or mineral pigments should be used for soap to ensure that it is safe for human use. Once youA?ve tried it and want to try more, you can buy additional ingredients and equipment, and try different recipes. Add only a small amount of essential oil and color or pigment, as these ingredients are highly concentrated. This soap does not need to be cured ? that is, given time to become less harsh, which is necessary if lye is used as an ingredient. With glycerin, your soap is ready to use as soon as it?s off the mold.

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