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While researching different sources to try to convey to our readers that a Windshield Repair Business is a worthwhile, lucrative endeavor, we came across this gem from the Houston Chronicle. Establish a business location for broken windshield repair by leasing a commercial retail space or garage from a commercial real estate agent.
List your windshield repair and replacement service in local business directories or place ads in local newspapers and magazines. Our 10 Point Business Proposal Template has the critical information you'll need to present to investors and financiers on why your start up is so lucrative.
Know your industry, the competition, the customers and how your offering compelling satisfies their need well ahead of your presentation. Leave Business Proposal Template to explore this site for crucial information on Starting A Business. We thought it had such nice tips that we decided to quote most of the article here for your reading enjoyment.

After learning the skills needed to repair or replace vehicle windshields, you can open a local shop or start a mobile business that allows you to repair windshields at a customer’s home. Contact the county clerk’s office or small business administration office in your area to ask about licensing requirements and fees. Choose a space large enough to safely replace or repair windshields while providing storage space for equipment and materials. Contact local salvage yards to purchase intact windshields from vehicles involved in crashes or those no longer operable.
The Business Proposal needs to be no more than a page, short, snappy and contains the salient macro issues. To build a solid customer base, provide quality customer service, ask customers for referrals and market your services to auto dealerships and repair shops. Create a list of windshield manufacturers to order new windshields when performing windshield replacements.

Name  - Choose well before starting operations as you'll have to live with this name for a very long time.
Purchase business insurance to protect equipment from theft and damage or to protect business assets from lawsuits or settlement costs. It means it is you who will have to spend the resources (meaning time and money) to educate potential buyers to consume your offering. Yes, there will be existing competition, but it is then up to you to determine how to deliver a superior product or enhanced service or a much cheaper alternative.4.

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